Early View

Early view papers posted on this page have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in Pacific Science.   However, they have not been copy-edited nor have they undergone final formatting for Pacific Science. When the formatted version of a paper has been published, the early view version will be removed from this page.

Kiyota, M., K. Nishida, C. Murakami and S. Yonezaki. In press. History, Biology, and Conservation of Pacific Endemics 2. The North Pacific armorhead, Pentaceros wheeleri (Hardy, 1983) (Perciformes, Pentacerotidae). Pacific Science PDF

Smith, P.T., B.Y. Imbun and F.P. Duarte. In press. Impacts of a fish kill at Lake Kutubu, Papua New Guinea. Pacific Science PDF

Song, K-J. In press. Cetacean strandings in Korean waters. Pacific Science PDF

Hamabata, T., T. Hikida, T. Ishihara, I. Kawazu, Y. Nashiki, K. Oki, T. Tanaka, K. Ui and N. Kamezaki. In press. MtDNA analysis suggests local origin of pelagic-stage juvenile green turtles collected in Japanese coastal waters. Pacific Science PDF

Schweizer, D., H.P. Jones and N.D. Holmes. In press. Literature review and meta-analysis of vegetation responses to goat and European rabbit eradications on islands. Pacific Science PDF

Soler-Hurtado, M.M. and J.M. Guerra-García. In press. The caprellid Aciconula acanthosoma (Crustacea: Amphipoda) associated with gorgonians from Ecuador, Eastern Pacific. Pacific Science PDF

Hayes, F.E., H.D. Pratt and C.J. Cianchini. In press. The Avifauna of Kosrae, Micronesia: History, status, and taxonomy. Pacific Science PDF

Cibois A., J.-C. Thibault, J.-Y. Meyer and E. Pasquet. In press. On the origin of sympatric fruit doves in a small and remote Pacific archipelago. Pacific Science PDF

Morley, C.G. and L Winder. In press. The vulnerability of skinks to predation by introduced mongoose in the Fiji Islands. Pacific Science PDF

Stimson, J. In press. A long-term record of nutrient concentrations in Kāne‘ohe Bay, Oahu, Hawai’i and its relevance to the onset and end of a phase shift involving an indigenous alga, Dictyosphaeria cavernosa. Pacific Science PDF

Tamura, Y., I. Mimura and M. Tsuchiya. In press. Do components of floating mucus aggregates around reefs facilitate population growth of attached microorganisms? Pacific Science PDF

Tran, C.T., A.M. Wieczorek, and C.W. Morden. In press. Genetic structure and diversity of a rare Hawaiian endemic, Lobelia villosa (Campanulaceae: Lobelioidae). Pacific Science PDF

Michaud, J., S. Cordell,, T.C. Cole, and R. Ostertag. In press. Drought in an invaded Hawaiian lowland wet forest. Pacific Science PDF

August-Schmidt, E.M., G. Haro, A. Bontrager, and C.M. D’Antonio. In press. Preferential associations of invasive Lantana camara (Verbenaceae) in a seasonally dry Hawaiian woodland. Pacific Science PDF

Leslie, D.M., P. Gangaiya and R.J. Morrison. In press. Two lowland tropical Spodosols from the Fiji Islands: First report from small islands. Pacific Science PDF

Dagamac, N.H.A., M.A.D. Rea-Maminta, and T.E.E. dela Cruz. In press. Plasmodial slime molds of a tropical karst forest, Quezon National Park, the Philippines. Pacific Science PDF

*Embedded media file links are not currently functional due to site limitations. Apologies for any inconvenience. The files will be accessible for the final online version of this document.

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