Early View

Early view papers posted on this page have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in Pacific Science.   However, they have not been copy-edited nor have they undergone final formatting for Pacific Science. When the formatted version of a paper has been published, the early view version will be removed from this page.

Falinski, K. and D. Penn. In press. Loss of reservoir capacity through
sedimentation in Hawai‘i: Management implications for the 21st century. Pacific Science PDF

Fujinami,, Y.,  S. Nakatsuka, and S. Ohshimo. In press. Feeding habits of the blue shark (Prionace glauca) in the Northwestern Pacific based on stomach contents and stable isotope ratios. Pacific Science PDF

Santos-Carvallo, M., M. Sepúlveda, R. Moraga, M.F. Landaeta, D. Oliva and M. José Pérez-Alvarez. In press. Presence, behavior and re-sighting pattern of transient bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in the Humboldt Current System off north-central Chile. Pacific Science PDF

Leo, B.T.,  J.J. Anderson, J. Ha, R.B. Phillips and Renee R. Ha. In press. Modeling impacts of hunting on the control of an insular feral cat population. Pacific Science PDF

Questad, E.J., A. Uowolo, S. Brooks, R. Fitch, and S. Cordell. In press. Resource availability, propagule supply, and the effect of non-native, ungulate herbivores on Senecio madagascariensis invasion. Pacific Science PDF

Ha, j., J.B. Cruz, S. Kremer,V.A. Camacho, and P. Radley. In press. Trends in avian roadside surveys over a 20-year period on Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Pacific Science PDF

Easton, E.E., J. Sellanes, M. Gorny. In press. First record of the yellowfin soldierfish, Myripristis chryseres Jordan and Evermann 1903, in the Easter Island Ecoregion. Pacific Science PDF


Special collection of papers on Scaling Up Restoration Efforts in the Pacific Islands, Edited by Melissa R. Price and Robert J. Toonen

Price, M.R. and R.J. Toonen. In press. Scaling up restoration efforts in the Pacific Islands: A call for clear management objectives, targeted research to minimize uncertainty, and innovative solutions to a wicked problem. Pacific Science PDF

Wada,C.,  L. Bremer, K. Burnett, C. Trauernicht, T. Giambelluca, L. Mandle, E. Parsons, C. Weil, N. Kurashima, and T. Ticktin. In press. Estimating the cost-effectiveness of Hawaiian dry forest restoration using spatial changes in water yield and landscape flammability under climate change. Pacific Science PDF

Judge, S.W.,  S.C. Hess, J.K. Faford, D. Pacheco, and C.R. Leopold. In press. Monitoring the eradication of European mouflon sheep from the Kahuku Unit of Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park. Pacific Science PDF

Kurashima, N., J. Jeremiah, and T. Ticktin. In press. I ka wā ma mua: The value of a historical ecology approach to ecological restoration in Hawaiʻi. Pacific Science PDF

Winter, K.B.  and M. Lucas. In press. Spatial modeling of social-ecological management zones of the ali`i era on the island of Kaua`i with implications for large-scale biocultural conservation and forest restoration efforts in Hawai`i. Pacific Science PDF

Powell, K.B. , L.M. Ellsworth, C.M. Litton, K.L.L. Oleson, and S.A. Ammondt. In press. Towards cost-effective restoration: Scaling up restoration in ecosystems degraded by nonnative invasive grass and ungulates. Pacific Science PDF

Rowe, J.A., C.M. Litton, C.A. Lepczyk, and B.N. Popp. In press. Impacts of endangered seabirds on nutrient cycling in montane forest ecosystems of Hawai‘i. Pacific Science PDF


Buden, D.W. and W. J. Tennent. In press. Butterflies (Lepidoptera) of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Pacific Science PDF

Mazariegos-Villarreal, A., M.  Fierro-Jaúregui, K. León-Cisneros and E. Serviere-Zaragoza. In press. Diet of the wavy turban snail Megastraea undosa (Gastropoda: Turbinidae) in subtropical rocky reefs. Pacific Science PDF

Goldberg, S.R., C.R. Bursey, and L.L. Grismer. In press. Nematodes of five species of Dicroglossid frogs (Anura: Dicroglossidae) from Southeast Asia. Pacific Science PDF


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