Early View

Early view papers posted on this page have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in Pacific Science.   However, they have not been copy-edited nor have they undergone final formatting for Pacific Science. When the formatted version of a paper has been published, the early view version will be removed from this page.

van Dyk, K.N., K.L. Paxton, P.J. Hart, and E.H. Paxton. In press. Seasonality and prevalence of pollen collected from Hawaiian nectarivorous birds. Pacific Science PDF

Duron, Q., B. Edouard, T. Martin S. Sarah, G. Raphaël, M. Mathilde, and V. Eric. In press. Sympatric invasive rats show different diets in a tropical rainforest of an island biodiversity hotspot. Pacific Science PDF

Wostenberg, D.J. M.W. Hopken, A.B. Shiels, and A.J. Piaggio. In press. Using DNA to identify the source of invasive mongooses, Herpestes auropunctatus (Carnivora: Herpestidae) captured on Kaua‘i, Hawaiian Islands. Pacific Science PDF

Choi, S.K. Y.C. Park, J.C. Park, G.C. Bing and W.Y. Kim. In press. Migration by the Japanese Wood Pigeon (Columba janthina) across the islands of East Asia: Direct tracking by satellite telemetry. Pacific Science PDF

Toublanc-Lambault, O., R. Pouteau, M. Davezies, M. Marron, A. Pain, B. Fogliani, P. Marmey. In press. Environmental correlates for seed desiccation sensitivity of New Caledonian plant species. Pacific Science PDF

Han, Q. and X. Wang. In press. Macrobenthic biomass and secondary production in the northern East China Sea and the relative importance of environmental variables. Pacific Science PDF

Testino, J.P. A. Petit, B. Acorta, A.S. Pacheco S. Silva, J. Alfaro-Shigueto, D. Sarmiento, J. Quiñones, A.M. Eche, E. Motta, S. Fernandez, E. Campbell, G. Carrillo, M. Epstein, M. Llapapasca, A. González-Pestana. In press. Killer whale (Orcinus orca) occurrence and interactions with marine mammals off Peru. Pacific Science PDF

Jefferson, T.A and M.F. Richlen. In press. Apparent low densities of small Cetaceans in Okinawa may be due to uncontrolled local hunting. Pacific Science PDF

Ruiz-Guerra, B., A. Aguilar-Chama, S. González de León and R. Guevara. In press. Invasive species appear to disrupt the top-down control of herbivory on a Mexican oceanic island. Pacific Science PDF

Libeau, M., J-Y. Meyer, R. Taputuarai and R. Pouteau. In press. Predicting the invasion risk of Miconia calvescens in the Marquesas Islands (South Pacific): a modeling approach. Pacific Science PDF

Doorenweerd, C. L. Leblanc, Y-F. Hsu, C-L. Huang, Y-C. Lin, M. San Jose and D. Rubinoff. In press. Taiwan’s Dacini fruit flies: rare endemics and abundant pests, along altitudinal gradients. Pacific Science PDF

Morrison, R. J.. In press. Talāsiga lands in Fiji: Their potential expansion through modern farming activities. Pacific Science PDF

Thomson, L.A.J. and L. Braglia. In press. A review of Fiji Hibiscus (Malvaceae-Malvoideae) species in section Lilibiscus. Pacific Science PDF

Carrasco, S.A., E. Meerhoff, B. Yannicelly, and C.M. Ibáñez. In press. First records and descriptions of early-life stages of cephalopods from Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and the nearby Apolo Seamount. Pacific Science PDF

Milisen,J.W. S.A. Matye, and D.R. Kobayashi. In press. Nocturnal visual census of pelagic fauna using scuba near Kona, Hawai‘i. Pacific Science PDF

Coria-Monter,E. M.A. Monreal-Gómez, D.A. Salas de León, and E. Durán-Campos. In press. Impact of the “Godzilla El Niño” event of 2015-2016 on sea surface temperature and chlorophyll-a in the southern Gulf of California, Mexico, as evidenced by satellite and in situ data. Pacific Science PDF

Chen, Y., J. Lusana, Z. Xu, J.T. James, Z. Lü, S. Deng. In press. DNA barcoding reveals the identity of mugilids (Teleostei: Mugiliformes) from the coastal sea of Zhejiang, China. Pacific Science PDF

Cabral-Tena,R.A., D.A. Paz-García, H. Reyes-Bonilla, S.S. González-Peláez and E.F. Balart. In press. Spatio-temporal variability in coral (Anthozoa: Scleractinia) larval recruitment in the southern Gulf of California. Pacific Science PDF

Mora-Barboza, C. and J.A. Sibaja-Cordero. In press. Occurrence, demography, and habitat features of Pollicipes elegans (Pollicipedidae: Scalpelliformes) an amphitropical species at a rocky intertidal shore, Costa Rica. Pacific Science PDF

Pajuelo, M. J. Alfaro-Shigueto, M. Romero, A.P. Polack, A. Solano, G. Vela, D. Sarmiento, and J.C. Mangel. In press. Occurrence and bycatch of juvenile and neonate whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) in Peruvian waters. Pacific Science PDF

Buden, D.W. and A. Bourgoin. In press. New distribution records of Cetaceans from the Federated States of Micronesia. Pacific Science PDF

Shay, K.R. and D.R. Drake. In press. Pollination biology of the Hawaiian coastal vine Jacquemontia sandwicensis (Convolvulaceae). Pacific Science PDF

Davis, A.A., C.A. Lepczyk, K.H. Haman, C.W. Morden, S.E. Crow, N. Jensen, and M.T. Lohr. In press. Toxoplasma gondii detection in fecal samples from domestic cats (Felis catus) in Hawai‘i. Pacific Science PDF


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