Pacific Science 02 (1948)

Pacific Science 2, no. 1

The Polychaetous Annelids of Alaska
Olga Hartman, 3-58

The Question of Avian Introductions in Hawaii
Harvey I. Fisher, 59-64

NOTE: Observations on Parasites of Domestic Animals in Micronesia
Joseph E. Alicata, 65-66

NOTE: Laysan Albatross Nesting on Moku Manu Islet, off Oahu, T. H.
Harvey I. Fisher, 66

NOTE: Preliminary Note on the Oceanographic Program of the Hawaii Marine Laboratory
Robert W. Hiatt, 67-68

Pacific Science 2, no. 2

Additions to Galapagos Fungi
G. W. Martin, 71-77

Records of Rare Hawaiian Decapod Crustacea
Robert W. Hiatt, 78-80

Diurnal Weather Patterns on Oahu and Lanai, Hawaii
Luna B. Leopold, 81-96

Report on the Flora of Pingelap Atoll, Caroline Islands, Micronesia, and Observations on the Vocabulary of the Native Inhabitants: Pacific Plant Studies 7
Harold St. John, 97-113

Morphometric Characteristics and Relative Growth of Yellowfin Tunas (Neothunnus macropterus) from Central America
Milner B. Schaefer, 114-120

Notes on the Marianas Mallard
Yoshimaro Yamashina, 121-124

A New Blennoid Fish from Hawaii
Vernon E. Brock, 125-127

NOTE: Fishes Taken in Wellington Harbour
W. J. Phillipps, 128-130

NOTE: Transfer of Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
Chester K. Wentworth, 131

NOTE: Interbreeding of Laysan and Black-footed Albatrosses
Harvey I. Fisher, 132

NOTE: The Poisoning of Bufo marinus by the Flowers of the Strychnine Tree
Vernon E. Brock, 132

Pacific Science 2, no. 3

The Biology of the Lined Shore Crab, Pachygrapsus crassipes Randall
Robert W. Hiatt, 135-213

A New Fern from Rota, Mariana Islands
W. H. Wagner, Jr., 214-215

A Restudy of the Reported Occurrence of Schist on Truk, Eastern Caroline Islands
Josiah Bridge, 216-222

NOTE: On the Occurrence of Bauxite on Truk
Josiah Bridge, 223-224

NOTE: Holes in the Webs of Shearwaters
Frank Richardson, 224-225

NOTE: Seventh Pacific Science Congress
Gilbert Archey, 225-226

NOTE: Further Information Concerning the Fulbright Act

Pacific Science 2, no. 4

The Swedish Deep-Sea Expedition
Hans Pettersson, 231-238

A New Nematode of the Genus Pseudophysaloptera from an Okinawan Shrew
David R. Lincicome and Bayard H. McConnaughy, 239-242

A List of Scientific Institutions in the Pacific Area
O. A. Bushnell, 243-261

Juvenile Euthynnus lineatus and Auxis thazard from the Pacific Ocean off Central America
Milner B. Schaefer and John C. Marr, 262-271

Plant Records from the Caroline Islands, Micronesia: Pacific Plant Studies 8
Harold St. John, 272-273

A New Echiuroid Worm from the Hawaiian Islands and a Key to the Genera of Echiuridae
Walter K. Fisher, 274-277

A Chronology of the Explosive Eruptions of Kilauea
Howard A. Powers, 278-292

The Origin of the Native Flora of Polynesia
Edwin Bingham Copeland, 293-296

NOTE: On the Herding of Prey and the Schooling of the Black Skipjack, Euythunnus yaito Kishinouye
Robert W. Hiatt and Vernon E. Brock, 297-298

NOTE: An Addition to the Fish Fauna of the Hawaiian Islands
Vernon E. Brock, 298

NOTE: United States Committee on the Oceanography of the Pacific

NOTE: The Pacific Oceanic Fishery Investigation

NOTE: Western Regional Conference for UNESCO

Pacific Science 2, Index



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