Pacific Science 03 (1949)

Pacific Science 3, no. 1

The Pupae of the Mosquitoes of New Guinea
George Henry Penn, 3-85

Directional Shift of Trade Winds at Honolulu
Chester K. Wentworth, 86-88

Atoll Vegetation and Salinity
F. R. Fosberg, 89-92

Further Notes on Cirripeds from the Ogasawara Islands
Huzio Utinomi, 93-99

NOTE: Range Extension of the File Fish Monocanthus melanocephalus
James P. Welsh, 100

Pacific Science 3, no. 2

Populations of Birds on Midway and the Man-Made Factors Affecting Them
Harvey I. Fisher, 103-110

Paratylenchus rninutus, n.sp., a Nematode Parasitic on Roots
Maurice B. Linford, Juliette M. Oliveira, and Mamoru Ishii, 111-119

The Origin and Composition of Pyrolusite Concretions in Hawaiian Soils
G. Donald Sherman, Annie K. S. Tom, and Charles K. Fujimoto, 120-123

New Sponges from the Yap Archipelago
M. W. De Laubenfels, 124-126

Observations on the Haemoproteus of Pigeons in Honolulu, Hawaii
L. Kartman, 127-132

A Revision of the Genus Alstonia (Apocynaceae)
Joseph Monachino, 133-182

Pacific Science 3, no. 3

Finschia—A Genus of “Nut” Trees of the Southwest Pacific
C. T. White, 187-194

The Alcyonaria of Bikini and Other Atolls in the Marshall Group. Part I: The Gorgonacea
Frederick M. Bayer, 195-214

A Review of Concepts in Hawaiian Climatology
Luna B. Leopold and C. K. Stidd, 215-225

The Status of Native Land Birds on Molokai, Hawaiian Islands
Frank Richardson, 226-230

A Taxonomic Revision of the Genus Neraudia (Urticaceae)
Richard S. Cowan, 231-270

A Preliminary Report on Parathunnus sibi in Hawaiian Waters and a Key to the Tunas and Tuna-like Fishes of Hawaii
Vernon E. Brock, 271-277

NOTE: Arthropods of Medical and Veterinary Importance from Ponape

Pacific Science 3, no. 4

The Status of Steller’s Albatross
Oliver L. Austin, Jr., 283-295

A Second Hawaiian Species of Alectryon (Sapindaceae): Hawaiian Plant Studies 17
Harold St. John and Lafayette Frederick, 296-301

The Hawaiian Tun Shells
Spencer Tinker, 302-306

Factors Influencing the Development of Lateritic and Laterite Soils in the Hawaiian Islands
G. Donald Sherman, 307-314

Catalogue of the Heterocerous Lepidoptera from French Oceania
Pierre E. L. Viette, 315-337

Flora of Johnston Island, Central Pacific
F. R. Fosberg, 338-339

Notes on Marine Algae of New Zealand, I
Victor W. Lindauer, 340-352

NOTE: Notes on Three Beaked Whales from the Aleutian Islands

Pacific Science 3, Index



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