Pacific Science 04 (1950)

Pacific Science 4, no. 1

The Sponges of Kaneohe Bay, Oahu
M. W. de Laubenfels, 3-36

Chromosome Numbers of Some Species of Passiflora Occurring in Hawaii
W. B. Storey, 37-42

Observations on the Heart Shell, Corculum cardissa ( L.) , and Its Associated Zooxanthellae
Siro Kawaguti, 43-49

Annual March of Daily Mean Temperatures at Honolulu
Harold S. Palmer, 50-54

The Birds of Yap, Western Caroline Islands
Harvey I. Fisher, 55-62

The Marine Algal Communities of Stanmore Bay, New Zealand (Studies in Inter-tidal Zonation 1)
V. J. Chapman, 63-68

NOTE: The Crab Parasite Sacculina in the Fiji Islands
H. Boschma, 69

NOTE: On the Supposed Occurrence in New Zealand of the North Pacific Fish Genus Sebastodes
Carl L. Hubbs, 70

Pacific Science 4, no. 2

Spawning and Development of Some Hawaiian Marine Gastropods
Jens Mathias Ostergaard, 75-115

Vespoides of Micronesia, 3
Keizô Yasumatsu, 116-117

Contributions to the Knowledge of the Pacific Species of Antithamnion and Related Algae
Jun Tokida and Tadaaki Inaba, 118-134

Harpodon nehereus, a Non-luminous Fish
Yata Haneda, 135-138

The Noctuidae Catocalinae from New Caledonia and the New Hebrides (Lepidoptera)
Pierre E. L. Viette, 139-157

Upper Cretaceous Foraminifera from Japan
Kiyoshi Asano, 158-163

NOTE: The Occurrence of a Black Marlin, Tetrapterus mazara, without Spear
Harvey I. Moore, 164

NOTE: Additional Records Confirming the Trans-Pacific Distribution of the Pacific Saury, Cololabis saira (Brevoort)
Milner B. Schaefer and John W. Reintjes, 164

Pacific Science 4, no. 3

The Antibacterial Properties of Some Plants Found in Hawaii
O. A. Bushnell, Mitsuno Fukuda, and Takashi Makinodan, 167-183

Some Stratiomyidae (Diptera) from Okinawa and Guam
Maurice T. James, 184-187

The Zonation of Marine Algae at Piha, New Zealand, in Relation to the Tidal Factor (Studies in Inter-tidal Zonation 2)
W. A. Beveridge and V. J. Chapman, 188-201

Metamorphosis of the “Non-aquatic Frog” of the Palau Islands, Western Carolines
Kenji Atoda, 202-207

On the Identity of Spongocladia and Cladophoropsis
George F. Papenfuss, 208-213

Luminous Organs of Fish Which Emit Light Indirectly
Yata Haneda, 214-227

Sea Temperatures, Hawaiian Island Area: A Study of the Distribution of Ocean Temperatures in the Surface and Subsurface Layers Based upon Bathythermograph Observations
Dale F. Leipper and Ernest R. Anderson, 228-248

A Taxonomic Revision of the Hawaiian Species of the Genus Carex
Robert W. Krauss, 249-282

NOTE: Examination of Hawaiian Marine Crustaceans for Gregarines
Gordon H. Ball, 283

Pacific Science 4, no. 4

The Flora of Australia as a Measure of the Antiquity of the Angiosperms
Karl Suessenguth, 287-308

The Osteology and Relationships of the Echelid Eel, Kaupichthys diodontus
William A. Gosline, 309-314

The Genesis and Morphology of Hawaiian Ferruginous Laterite Crusts
G. Donald Sherman, 315-322

Life History and Feeding Habits of the Giant African Snail on Saipan
W. Harry Lange, Jr., 323-335

Notes on Amblypygi Found in Territories Adjacent to Japan
Haruo Takashima, 336-338

The Subgenera of Dubautia (Compositae): Hawaiian Plant Studies 18
Harold St. John, 339-345

Descriptions of Some Species of the Genus Pulvilligera Strand from the South and Southwest Pacific (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea; Torymidae)
H. E. Milliron, 346-354

Inter-tidal Ecology at Narrow Neck Reef, New Zealand (Studies in Inter-tidal Zonation 3)
Vivienne Dellow, 355-374

NOTE: Translations of Japanese Botanical Papers

Pacific Science 4, Index


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