Pacific Science 08 (1954)

Pacific Science 8, no. 1

The Food of the Aholehole, Kuhlia sandvicensis (Steindachner), in Hawaiian Waters
Albert L. Tester and Shirley M. Trefz, 3-10

Notes on Some Chiggers (Acarinae: Trombiculidae) from Southern Korea
E. W. Jameson, Jr., and Seiichi Toshioka, 11-22

Fishes Killed by the 1950 Eruption of Mauna Loa. I. The Origin and Nature of the Collections
W. A. Gosline, V. E. Brock, H. L. Moore, and Y. Yamaguchi, 23-27

The Development of the Spermatophoric Mass of the Rock Lobster, Parribacus antarcticus (Lund)
Donald C. Matthews, 28-34

Bibliographic Notes on G. Forster’s “De plantis esculentis insularum oceani australis” (1786)
E. D. Merrill, 35-40

On the Genus Felisacus Distant (Heteroptera; Miridae; Bryocorinae)
T. E. Woodward, 41-50

The Pacific Species of ”Lar” (Including a New Species), Their Hosts, Medusae, and Relationships (Coelenterata, Hydrozoa)
Cadet Hand, 51-67

Fishes Killed by the 1950 Eruption of Mauna Loa. II. Brotulidae
William A. Gosline, 68-83

Report on a Trip to Marcus Island with Notes on the Birds
Nagahisa Kuroda, 84-93

Some Aspects of the Biology of the Aku, Katsuwonus pelamis, in the Hawaiian Islands
Vernon E. Brock, 94-104

NOTE: Report on a Fatal Attack by a Shark
Rolf L. Bolin, 105-108

Pacific Science 8, no. 2

The Origin and Development of the Spermatophoric Mass of a Nephropsid Lobster, Enoplometopus occidentalis (Randall)
Donald C. Matthews, 115-120

On the Previously Undescribed Aggregate Form of the Pelagic Tunicate Ritteriella picteti (Apstein) (1904)
Leo D. Berner, 121-124

New Records of Mysidacea and Euphausiacea from the Northeastern Pacific and Adjacent Areas
Albert H. Banner, 125-129

Review of Mrs. Sinclair’s “Indigenous Flowers of the Hawaiian Islands.” Hawaiian Plant Studies 23
Harold St. John, 140-146

Studies in the Fruit Flies of the Philippine Islands, Indonesia, and Malaya. Part I. Dacini (Tephritidae-Diptera)
D. Elmo Hardy and Marian S. Adachi, 147-204

An Investigation of Hematochrome Accumulation in the Alga Phycopeltis hawaiiensis n. sp.
John W. King, 205-208

Observations on the Oxygen Consumption of Certain Marine Crustaceans
P. B. van Weel, John E. Randall, and M. Takata, 209-218

The Polyclad Genus Pseudoceros, with Special Reference to the Indo-Pacific Region
Libbie H. Hyman, 219-225

Notes on Banana Varieties in Hawaii
N. W. Simmonds, 226-229

NOTE: Research in Ground-Water Hydrology in Hawaii
Doak C. Cox, 230-233

NOTE: On the Distribution of the Big-Eyed Tuna, Parathunnus sibi, in the Tropical Eastern Pacific Ocean
Bell M. Shimada, 234-235

Pacific Science 8, no. 3

Australian Species of Poecilocryptus Cameron (Ichneumonidae: Hymenoptera)
Arthur W. Parrott, 239-242

Records of Indo-Pacific Echinoderms
Austin H. Clark, 243-263

Objective Estimates of Hawaiian Rainfall
Charles K. Stidd, 264-275

The Taxonomy of the Salpidae (Tunicata) of the Central Pacific Ocean
James L. Yount, 276-330

Some Polyclad Flatworms from the Hawaiian Islands
Libbie H. Hyman, 331-336

Occurrence of Sponges in an Aquarium
M. W. de Laubenfels, 337-340

The Taxonomic Position and the Scientific Name of the Big Tree known as Sequoia gigantea
Harold St. John and Robert W. Krauss, 341-358

Some Results from the Swedish “Albatross” Cruise
Hans Pettersson, 359-362

Decapodous Cephalopod Mollusks from the Marshall Islands
Gilbert L. Voss, 363-

NOTE: Distribution of the Algal Genera Rhipilia and Sargassum in the Central Pacific
Maxwell S. Doty, 367

NOTE: Substitute for an Invalid Genetic Name in the Crustacea
C. H. Edmondson, 368

Pacific Science 8, no. 4

Marine Plants in the Vicinity of the Institut Océanographique de Nha Trang, Viet Nam
E. Yale Dawson, 373-469

Pacific Science 8, Index

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