Pacific Science 10 (1956)

Pacific Science 10, no. 1

The Use of Pandanus Fruit as Food in Micronesia
Carey D. Miller, Mary Murai, and Florence Pen, 3-16

Some Unusual Fishes From the Central Pacific
Joseph E. King and Isaac I. Ikehara, 17-24

Some Marine Algae of the Southern Marshall Islands
E. Yale Dawson, 25-66

Descriptions and Redescriptions of the Hawaiian Octocorals Collected by the U.S. Fish Commission Steamer “Albatross” (2. Gorgonacea: Scleraxonia)
Frederick M. Bayer, 67-95

A Translation of the Keys in the Flora Micronesica (1933) of Ryozo Kanehira
Harold St. John, 96-102

A Report on the Poisonous Fishes Captured During the Woodrow G. Krieger Expedition to Cocos Island
Bruce W. Halstead and Donald W. Schall, 103-109

Pacific Science 10, no. 2

Cheilostomatous Bryozoa from the Kurile Islands and the Neighbouring Districts
Shizuo Mawatari, 113-135

A Taxonomic Revision of the Hawaiian Species of the Genus Sophora Linnaeus (Family Leguminosae)
Alvin K. Chock, 136-158

A Revision of the Surgeon Fish Genus Acanthurus
John E. Randall, 159-235

NOTES: Tagged Bigeye Tuna Recovered

Pacific Science 10, no. 3

Notes on the Blenntoid Fishes of Hawaii with Descriptions of Two New Species
Donald W. Strasburg, 241-267

Pacific Ferns Described in Nightingale’s Oceanic Sketches
Francis Ballard, 268-270

A Revision of the Pediculate Fishes of the Genus Malthopsis Found in the Waters of Japan (Family Ogcocephalidae)
Akira Ochiai and Fumio Mitani, 271-285

Description of a New Species of Elytrurus and a Catalogue of the Known Species (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Otiorhynchinae)
Elwood C. Zimmerman, 286-295

Taxonomic Considerations of the Lantern Fish Polyipnus spinosus Gunther and Related Species
Yaichiro Okada and Kiyoshi Suzuki, 296-302

The Probable Method of Fertilization in Terrestrial Hermit Crabs Based on a Comparative Study of Spermatophores
Donald C. Matthews, 303-309

Two New Fleas (Siphonaptera: Rhadinopsyllinae) From Japan
Kohei Sakaguti and E. W. Jameson, Jr., 310-313

Clasping Mechanism of the Cottid Fish Oligocottus snyderi Greeley
Robert W. Morris, 314-317

Contributions to the Knowledge of the Alpheid Shrimp of the Pacific Ocean
Part I. Collections From the Mariana Archipelago

Arthur H. Banner, 318-373

Pacific Science 10, no. 4

Diatoms in the Ocean Deeps
E. J. Ferguson Wood, 377-381

Beachrock in the Hawaiian Islands
K. O. Emery and Doak C. Cox, 382-402

Fritillaria arafoera n. sp., a Form of the Sibling Species: Fritillaria haplostoma – Complex (Appendicularia: Chordata)
Takasi Tokioka, 403-406

A New Gadiform Fish from the Continental Slope off Southeastern Australia
T. R. Cowper, 407-409

A New Subfamily of Urostylidae from Borneo (Hemiptera: Heteroptera)
W. E. China and James A. Slater, 410-414

The General Biology of Balanus glandula Darwin
Harold Barnes and Margaret Barnes, 415-422

Observations on Two Species of Liagora
T. V. Desikachary, 423-430

Notes on Ecology, Systematics, and Development of Some Mysidacea and Euphausiacea (Crustacea) from New Zealand
Brian M. Bary, 431-467

Three New Copepods from Brackish-Water Lakes of Japan
Takashi Ito, 468-473

Pacific Science 10, Index


Pacific Science 1-10, Index


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