Pacific Science 11 (1957)

Pacific Science 11, no. 1

Chrysomelidae of Fiji (Coleoptera)
G. E. Bryant and J. L. Gressitt, 2-91

An Annotated List of Marine Algae from Eniwetok Atoll
E. Yale Dawson, 92-132

NOTES: Sexual Dimorphism in the Labrid Fish Genus Gomphosus
Donald W. Strasburg and Robert W. Hiatt, 133-134

Dr. Elmer D. Merrill, 1876-1956
Egbert H. Walker, 135-136

News Notes

Pacific Science 11, no. 2

The New Zealand Aleyrodidae (Hemiptera: Homoptera)
L. J. Dumbleton, 141-160

A Taxonomic Study of the Genus Eugenia (Myrtaceae) in Hawaii
Kenneth A. Wilson, 161-180

Origin and Diffusion of the Herzberg Principle with Especial Reference to Hawaii
Harold S. Palmer, 181-189

Contributions to the Knowledge of the Alpheid Shrimp of the Pacific Ocean
Part II. Collection from Arno Atoll, Marshall Islands

Albert H. Banner 190-206

Systematic Anatomy of Hesperomannia
Sherwin Carlquist, 207-215

The Life History of the Polychaetous Annelid Neanthes caudata (delle Chiaje), Including a Summary of Development in the Family Nereidae
Donald J. Reish, 216-228

Records of Bioluminescence in the Ocean
Brian P. Boden and Elizabeth M. Kampa, 229-235

New Species and Records of Hawaiian Sponges
M. W. de Laubenfels, 236-251

Pacific Science 11, no. 3

The Chaetognath Fauna off Peru in 1941
Robert Bieri, 255-264

Redescription of Teredicola typica C. B. Wilson
Mildred Stratton Wilson, 265-274

Micronesian Reef-associated Gastropods
Joan Demond, 275-341

A New Mosquito from Fiji, Aëdes (Finlaya) freycinetiae n. sp. (Diptera: Culicidae)
Marshall Laird, 342-351

Pacific Science 11, no. 4

The Species of Xeronema (Liliaceae)
Lucy B. Moore, 355-362

Impact Scars at Kilauea
Chester K. Wentworth, 363-369

Notes on the Biology of the Wahoo in the Line Islands
Edwin S. Iversen and Howard O. Yoshida, 370-379

Further Evidences of Anomuran Non-pedunculate Spermatophores
Donald C. Matthews, 380-385

Spiders from Some Pacific Islands, II
B. J. Marples 386-395

Studies on the Johnstonianidae (Acari, Parasitengona)
Irwin M. Newell, 396-466

Pacific Science 11, Index



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