Pacific Science 12 (1958)

Pacific Science 12, no. 1

A Fossil Flora from Pagan, Mariana Islands
F. R. Fosberg and Gilbert Corwin, 3-16

Vascular Flora of Pagan Island, Northern Marianas
F. R. Fosberg, 17-20

Oceanographic and Meteorological Aspects of the Gulf of California
Gunnar I. Roden, 21-45

A Closing, High-speed Plankton Catcher for Use in Vertical and Horizontal Towing
B. M. Bary, J. G. de Stefano, M. Forsyth, and J. van den Kerkhof, 46-59

Is the Spear of Istiophorid Fishes Used in Feeding?
Robert L. Wisner, 60-70

Magnetic Spherules in Deep-sea Deposits
Hans Pettersson and Kurt Frederiksson, 71-81

Lord Howe Island, a Riddle of the Pacific
S. J. Paramonov, 82-91

A Review of Australian Species of Laphria (Asilidae, Diptera), with Descriptions of Three New Species from Lord Howe Island
S. J. Paramonov, 92-105

Occurrence of Protohydra leuckarti in Puget Sound
Wolfgang Wieser, 106-108

Pacific Science 12, no. 2

Distribution and Ecologic Aspects of Central Pacific Salpidae (Tunicata)
James L. Yount, 111-130

Some Trematodes of Fishes from the Central Equatorial Pacific
Edwin S. Iversen and Earl Hoven, 131-134

Two New Doliolids from the Eastern Pacific Ocean
Takasi Tokioka and Leo Berner, 135-138

A New Hedyotis from Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Benjamin C. Stone and Irwin Lane, 139-145

Revisionary Notes on the Phoxocephalidae (Amphipoda), with a Key to the Genera
J. Laurens Barnard, 146-151

Studies on Luminescence in Marine Snails
Y. Haneda, 152-156

Contributions to the Knowledge of the Alpheid Shrimp of the Pacific Ocean Part III. On a Small Collection from Onotoa, Gilbert Islands
Albert H. Banner, 157-169

Records of Scattering Layers from New Zealand Seas
B. M. Bary, 170-180

NOTE: An Unusually Large Salp
Eugene L. Nakamura and James L. Yount, 181

NOTE: First Pacific Record of the Whale-louse Genus Syncyamus (Amphipoda: Cyamidae)
Thomas E. Bowman, 181-182

NOTE: Brighamia citrina (C. N. Forbes & Lydgate) St. John, comb. nov.
Harold St. John, 182

Pacific Science 12, no. 3

The Plecia of the Pacific and Southeast Asia (Bibionidae—Diptera)
D. Elmo Hardy, 185-220

Central Pacific Eels of the Genus Uropterygius, with Descriptions of Two New Species
William A. Gosline, 221-228

Structure and Reproduction of Cottoniella hawaiiensis n. sp.
Maxwell S. Dory and M. Ruth Wainwright, 229-235

Further Notes on Felisacus Distant (Heteroptera; Miridae; Bryocorinae)
T. E. Woodward, 236-240

Culex (Culex) iyengari n. sp., a New Species of Mosquito (Diptera, Culicidae) from the South Pacific
P. F. Mattingly and J. Rageau, 241-250

Hawaiian Helminths 1. Trigonocryptus conus n. gen., n. sp. (Trematoda: Fellodistomidae)
W. E. Martin, 251-254

Calcareous Concretions and Sheets in Soils Near South Point, Hawaii
G. Donald Sherman and Haruyoshi Ikawa, 255-257

Barriers to Protect Hilo from Lava Flows
Gordon A. Macdonald, 258-277

Pacific Science 12, no. 4

Soils and Agriculture of the Palau Islands
A. J. Vessel and Roy W. Simonson, 281-298

Pacific Area Distribution of Freshwater and Marine Cercarial Dermatitis
George W. T. C. Chu, 299-312

Some Observations on the Lagoon Plankton of Eniwetok Atoll
Malvern Gilmartin, 313-316

On Certain Thaliacea (Tunicata) from the Pacific Ocean, with Descriptions of Two New Species of Doliolids
Takasi Tokioka and Leo Berner, 317-326

A Review of the Labrid Fish Genus Labroides, with Descriptions of Two New Species and Notes on Ecology
John E. Randall, 327-347

Metamorphosis of the Shell in the California Sea Hare, Aplysia californica Cooper
Lindsay R. Winkler, 348-349

Specific Characters and Character Variants in Adults and Larvae of the Genus Paratrombium Bruyant 1910 (Acari, Trombidiidae), with Descriptions of Two New Species from Western North America
Irwin M. Newell, 350-370

Pacific Science 12, Index


2 responses to “Pacific Science 12 (1958)

  1. Peter Newton

    Hello, I am trying to locate an article in the Proceedings of the Pacific Science Congress 3A 1957, p.909-918
    I have searched the archives of Pacific Science with no luck.
    Are you able to locate this document?
    We would be happy to pay to obtain a copy of the article, if you could respond to this email soon. regards, Peter

  2. Have you tried contacting the Pacific Science Association?

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