Pacific Science 13 (1959)

Pacific Science 13, no. 1

Pattern and Ontogeny of the Foliar Venation of Bobea elatior (Rubiaceae)
Thomas R. Pray, 3-13

Species of Zooplankton as a Means of Identifying Different Surface waters and Demonstrating Their Movements and Mixing
B. M. Bary, 14-54

The Structure and Reproduction of Gulsonia annulata Harvey (Rhodophyta)
Elise M. Wollaston and H. B. S. Womersley, 55-62

A Mechanism of Color Variation Operating in the west Coast Sea Hare, Aplysia californica Cooper
Lindsay R. Winkler, 63-66

Four New Species, a New Genus, and a New Suborder of Hawaiian Fishes
William A. Gosline, 67-77

A New Species of Polychaetous Annelid (Family Capitellidae) from Southern California
Donald J. Reish, 78-80

Evapotranspiration in Hong Kong: A Second Report
C. S. Ramage, 81-87

The Flora of Namonuito and the Hall Islands
Benjamin C. Stone, 88-104

Pacific Science 13, no. 2

Notes on the Ecology and Environmental Adaptations of the Terrestrial Amphipoda
D. E. Hurley, 107-129

Contributions to the Knowledge of the Alpheid Shrimp of the Pacific Ocean, Part IV. Various Small Collections from the Central Pacific Area, including Supplementary Notes on Alpheids from Hawaii
Albert H. Banner, 130-155

Botanical Novelties on the Island of Niihau, Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian Plant Studies 25
Harold St. John, 156-190

Composition and Nutritive Value of Palolo (Palola siciliensis Grube)
Carey D. Miller and Florence Pen, 191-194

Vegetative Anatomy of Dubautia, Argyroxiphium, and Wilkesia (Compositae)
Sherwin Carlquist, 195-210

NOTES: A Note on Walford’s Transformation
Robert H. Riffenburgh, 211

Pacific Science 13, no. 3

Life History of the Hawaiian Monk Seal
Karl W. Kenyon and Dale W. Rice, 215-252

Marine Mollusca of the New Hebrides
Alan Solem, 253-268

A Key to the Chaetognatha of the Tropical Eastern Pacific Ocean
Paul N. Sund, 269-285

Notes on Indo-Pacific Scleractinian Corals, Parts I and II Part I: Oryzotrochus, a New Genus of Turbinolian Coral; Part II: A New Species of Turbinaria from the Great Barrier Reef
John W. Wells, 286-290

Occurrence of Gibbsite Amygdules in Haiku Bauxite Area of Maui
G. Donald Sherman and Haruyoshi Ikawa, 291-294

A Survey for Alkaloids in Hawaiian Plants, I
Carl E. Swanholm, Harold St. John, and Paul J. Scheuer, 295-305

News Note, 307

Pacific Science 13, no. 4

Initial Discoveries of Fish Faunas on Seamounts and Offshore Banks in the Eastern Pacific
Carl I. Hubbs, 311-316

Ecology and Distribution of Some Pelagic Hyperiidea (Crustacea, Amphipoda) from New Zealand Waters
B. M. Bary, 317-334

Aluminum in Some Hawaiian Plants
J. C. Moomaw, Martha T. Nakamura, and G. Donald Sherman, 335-341

Tagging of Skipjack in Hawaiian Waters
Daniel T. Yamashita and Kenneth D. Waldron, 342-348

The Synonymy of the Viviparous Polychaete Neanthes lighti Hartman (1938) with Nereis limnicola Johnson (1903)
Ralph I. Smith, 349-350

On a New Species of Caligus (Copepoda Parasitica) from the Coast of California
Sueo M. Shiino, 351-356

Intraspecific Variation in the Purple Secretion of the California Sea Hare, Aplysia californica Cooper
Lindsay R. Winkler, 357-361

Spiders from Some Pacific Islands, III: The Kingdom of Tonga
B. J. Marples, 362-367

The Hawaiian Species of Conus (Mollusca: Gastropoda)
Alan T. Kohn, 368-401

Pacific Science 13, Index



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