Pacific Science 20 (1966)

Pacific Science 20, no. 1

The Biology of the Mussel Crab, Fabia subquadrata, from the waters of the San Juan Archipelago, Washington
Jack B. Pearce, 3-35

Relationships between Standing Crops at Three Successive Trophic Levels in the Eastern Tropical Pacific
Maurice Blackburn, 36-59

Observations on Osmotic Relationships in the Holothurian Opheodesoma spectabilis
Paul Joel Freeman, 60-69

Ellobiopsidae of Alaskan Coastal Waters
Ethelwyn G. Hoffman and Robert M. Yancey, 70-78

Four New Diclidopborids (Monogenoidea) Parasitic on the Gills of Marine Fishes from the Southwest Coast of India
R. Viswanathan Unnithan, 79-90

New Fish Records from Hawaii: Hime, Pikea, and Omobranchus
Donald W. Strasburg, 91-94

Histogenesis in Roots of Nothofagus solandri var. cliffortioides (Hook. f.) Poole
B. C. Arnold, 95-99

Two New Mites (Acarina: Laelapinae) from Oriental Insectivores (Mammalia: lnsectioora)
E. W. Jameson, Jr, 100-103

Studies of Food Preference in Algivorous Invertebrates of Southern California Kelp Beds
David L. Leighton, 104-113

An Anatomical Study of the Hawaiian Fern Adenophorus sarmenrosus
Kenneth A . Wilson and Fred R. Rickson, 114-118

Desilication of Halloysite and Its Relation to Gibbsite Formation
Goro Uehara, Haruyoshi Ikawa, and G. Donald Sherman, 119-124

The Rise of Sea Level in Contemporary Times at Honaunau, Kona, Hawaii
Russell A. Apple and Gordon A. Macdonald, 125-136

NOTE: Destruction of Marine Flora and Fauna in Fiji Caused by the Hurricane of February 1965
M. J. Cooper, 137-141

BOOK REVIEW: Insects of Campbell Island, by J. L. Gressitt et al., 142

Pacific Science 20, no. 2

Contributions to the Knowledge of the Alpheid Shrimp of the Pacific Ocean, Part X. Collections from Fiji, Tonga; and Samoa
Albert H. Banner and Dora M. Banner, 145-188

An Interpretation of the Relationships Among the Species of Parapercis, Family Mugiloididae
George E. Cantwell, 189-192

Bilateral Asymmetry in Paired Meristic Characters of Pacific Salmon
B. J. Landrum, 193-202

Notes on Indo-Pacific Scleractinian Corals, Part 4. A second Species of Stylocoeniella
John W. Wells, 203-205

The Echinoidea Collected by the Royal Society of London Expedition to Southern Chile, 1958-1959
David L. Pawson, 206-211

Land Snails of Ulithi Atoll, Caroline Islands: A Study of Snails Accidentally Distributed by Man
Harold W. Harry, 212-223

Some Aspects of the Behaviour of the Soldier Crab, Mictyris longicarpus
Ann M. Cameron, 224-234

Temperature and Salinity Control of the Concentration of Skeletal Na, Mn, and Fe in Dendraster excentricus
Robert C. Harris and Orrin H. Pilkey, 235-238

Vertical Circulation Off the Ross Ice Shelf
C. W. Thomas, 239-245

A Comparative Study of Craspedacusta sowerbyi and Calpasoma Dactyloprera Life Cycles
Donald C. Matthews, 246-259

NOTE: Bleekeria compta: A New Binomial for a Hawaiian Apocynaceous Tree
Robert L. Wilbur, 260-261

Pacific Science 20, no. 3

Magnetic Surveys Over the Hawaiian Islands and Their Geologic Implications
Alexander Malahoff and G. P. Woollard, 265-311

An Annotated Bibliography on North Pacific Albatrosses
Hubert Frings, Mable Prings, and Carl Frings, 312-337

Observations on the Ecology of Four Apogonid Fishes
Donald W. Strasburg, 338-341

Records of Asian and Western Pacific Marine Algae, Particularly Algae from Indonesia and the Philippines
Wm. Randolph Taylor, 342-359

A New Camallanid Nematode from Hawaii
Elmer R. Noble, 360-366

Foods of Rodents in the Hamakua District, Hawaii
Harry T. Kami, 367-373

Preliminary Soil Mineralogy Studies on Krasnozems in the Innisfail District of North Queensland, Australia
N. H. Monteith, 374-378

NOTE: Adventitious Roots of Eucalyptus robusta in Hawaii
Ronald M. Lanner, 379-381

NOTE: An Unusual Bisexual Agathis Cone
Ronald M. Lanner, 382-383

NOTE: Observations on Copulation in the New Zealand Grapsid Crab, Hemigrapsus crenulatus (M.Edw.)
John C. Yaldwyn, 384-385

Siphonosoma hawaiense, a New Sipunculoid from Hawaii (Sipunculoidea)
S. J. Edmonds, 386-388

Pacific Science 20, no. 4

Gill Arches of Teleostean Fishes of the Order Anguilliformes
Gareth J. Nelson, 391-408

Comments on the Classification of the Percoid Fishes
William A. Gosline, 409-418

New Monogenetic Trematodes from Hawaiian Fishes, II
Satyu Yamaguti, 419-434

North American Harpacticoid Copepods, 8. The Danielssenia sibirica Group, with Description of D. stefanssoni Willey from Alaska
Mildred Stratton Wilson, 435-444

Notes on Occurrence of Young and Spawning of Scomberomorus sierra in the Eastern Pacific Ocean
W. L. Klawe, 445-451

An Investigation of the Palatability of Some Marine Invertebrates to Four Species of Fish
Eleanor Russell, 452-460

Visual Target Discrimination in Blacktip Sharks (Carcharhinus melanopterus) and Grey Sharks (C. menisorrah)
Albert L. T ester and Susumu Kato, 461-471

Body Temperatures of Malaysian Rain Forest Mammals
Robert L. Rudd, 472-476

Observations on Themeda australis–Eucalyptus Savannah in Papua
P. C. Heyligers, 477-489

A Stem Gall on Muehlenbeckia australis (Forst. f.) Caused by the Moth Morova subfasciata Walk.
B. C. Arnold, 490-495

Laboratory Formation and Characterization of Taranakite in a Hydrol Humic Latosol Soil from Hawaii
Po-Ling Liu, G. D. Sherman, and L. D. Swindale, 496-506

On the Exchange Properties of Allophanic Clays
K. H. Houng, G. Uehara, and G. D. Sherman, 507-514

NOTE: Notes on the Coloration and Behavior of the Common Dolphin, Coryphaena hippurus
A . Earl Murchison and John J. Magnuson, 515-517

NOTE: Echinoderes arlis, a New Kinorhynch from the Arctic Ocean
Robert P. Higgins, 518-520

NOTE: Paper Electrophoresis Patterns of Sera from Seven Genera of Decapod Crustaceans
Lawrence D. Hughes and Lindsay R. Winkler, 521-523

NOTE: Dry-Wood Termite Attacks in a 55-Year-Old Display of Hawaii-Grown Wood
R. Sidney Boone, 524-527

Pacific Science 20, Index


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