Pacific Science 24 (1970)

Pacific Science 24, no. 1

A Review of Satellite-Derived Figures of the Geoid and Their Geophysical Significance
George P. Woollard and Mohammad Asadullah Khan, 1-28

The Present Status of the Birds of Hawaii
Andrew J. Berger, 29-42

Review of the Predators and Parasites of Stony Corals, with Special Reference to Symbiotic Prosobranch Gastropods
Robert Robertson, 43-54

The Feeding, Larval Dispersal, and Metamorphosis of Philippia (Gastropoda: Architectonicidae)
Robert Robertson, Rudolf S. Scheltema, and Frank W. Adams, 55-65

Systematics of Indo-Pacific Philippia (Psilaxis), Architectonicid Gastropods with Eggs and Young in the Umbilicus
Robert Robertson, 66-83

Notes and Bibliography on the Larvae of Xanthid Crabs
Robert G. Wear, 84-89

A New Species of Dulichia (Amphipoda, Podoceridae) Commensal with a Sea Urchin
L. R. McCloskey, 90-98

Systematic Anatomy of the Red Algal Genus Rhodopeltis
Yuriko N. Ozawa, 99-133

New Species of Peperomia (Piperaceae) and Dendrocnide (Urticaceae) from Rotuma Island, Pacific Ocean. Pacific Plant Studies 19
Harold St. John, 134-138

A New Engraulid Fish, Anchoa walkeri, from the Eastern Pacific Ocean, with a Note on the Validity of Anchoa schultzi Hildebrand
Wayne J. Baldwin and Norman H. C. Chang, 139-143

A Sulfur Lava Flow on Mauna Loa
Brian J. Skinner, 144-145

Pacific Science 24, no. 2

The Morphology of Fimbria fimbriata (Linné) (Bivalvia: Lucinidae)
J. A. Allen and J. F. Turner, 147-154

Opisthobranch Mollusks from the Southern Tropical Pacific
Ernst Marcus and Eveline Marcus, 155-179

A Numerical Taxonomic Study of Hawaiian Reef Corals
Dennis Powers, 180-186

Covering Response of the Echinoid Evechinus chloroticus (Val.)
Trevor G. Dix, 187-194

Movement Patterns of Field Rodents in Hawaii
P. Quentin Tomich, 195-234

Submarine Canyons and the Shelf along the North Coast of Molokai Island, Hawaiian Ridge
Christopher C. Mathewson, 235-244

The “Staminodia” of the Genus Schiedea (Caryophyllaceae) and Three New Hawaiian Species. Hawaiian Plant Studies 32
Harold St. John, 245-254

Studies on Singapore Pollen
A. N. Rao and Y. K. Lee, 255-268

Microbial Biomass in the Euphotic Zone of the North Pacific Subarctic Water
Humitake Seki, 269-274

Investigation of the Benthic Marine Flora of Hood Canal, Washington
Ronald C. Phillips and Bill Fleenor, 275-281

Phalloid Fungi in Hawaii
R. D. Goos, 282-287

Pacific Science 24, no. 3

Geology of the Solomon and New Hebrides Islands, as Part of the Melanesian Re-entrant, Southwest Pacific
P. J. Coleman, 289-314

Crustal and Upper Mantle Structure of the Solomon Islands as Revealed by Seismic Refraction Survey of November-December 1966
A. S. Furumoto, D. M. Hussong, J. F. Campbell, G. H. Sutton, A. Malahoff, J. C. Rose, and G. P. Woollard, 315-332

The Geology of Tofua Island, Tonga
Glenn R. Bauer, 333-350

Transfer of Toxic Algal Substances in Marine Food Chains
Maxwell S. Doty and Gertrudes Aguilar-Santos, 351-355

Toxin Secretion and Tail Autotomy by Irritated Oxynoe panamensis (Opisthobranchiata; Sacoglossa)
Ralph A. Lewin, 356-358

The Biology of the Marquesan Sardine, Sardinella marquesensis
Eugene L. Nakamura and Robert C. Wilson, 359-376

A New Argentinid Fish from Hawaii
Daniel M. Cohen, 377-378

Paradiscogaster eniwetokensis n. sp. (Fellodistomidae: Trematoda) from Eniwetok, Marshall Islands
W. E. Martin and Brian Hammerich, 379-380

The Natural History of Haliclona ecbasis de Laubenfels, a Siliceous Sponge of California
Paul E. Fell, 381-386

Successional Trends in the Coastal and Lowland Forest of Mauna Loa and Kilauea Volcanoes, Hawaii
I. A. E. Atkinson, 387-400

Lichens from the Southern Alps, New Zealand: Records from Phipps Peak, The Two Thumbs, and the Tasman Valley
B. A. Fineran and C. W. Dodge, 401-408

Some Implications of Precocious Flowering in Collospermum
Lucy B. Moore, 409-413

Some Shoot and Cone Characteristics of Taiwan Red Pine
Ronald M. Lanner and E. H. Hinkle, 414-416

Materials for a Monograph of Freycinetia Gaud. (Pandanaceae) XIII. A New Species from Ternate Island, Moluccas
Benjamin C. Stone, 417-419

Pacific Science 24, no. 4

Micropaleontology of a Miocene Core from the Western Tropical Pacific
Johanna M. Resig, Hsin-Yi Ling, and Carol J. Stadum, 421-432

Marine Algae of Amchitka Island (Aleutian Islands). II. Bonnemaisoniaceae
Michael J. Wynne, 433-438

The Genus Sicyos (Cucurbitaceae) on the Hawaiian Leeward Islands. Hawaiian Plant Studies 35
Harold St. John, 439-456

Cyrtandra rotumaensis (Gesneriaceae) of Rotuma Island. Pacific Plant Studies 20
Harold St. John, 457-461

Epicarids (Isopoda) of Eniwetok Atoll
Charles G. Danforth, 462-471

Interspecific Shell Fighting in Three Sympatric Species of Hermit Crabs in Hawaii
Brian A . Hazlett, 472-482

Food Habits of the Gastropod Mitra litterata Lamarck: Relation to Trophic Structure of the Intertidal Marine Bench Community in Hawaii
Alan J. Kohn, 483-486

The Effect of Starvation on the Lipid and Carbohydrate Levels of the Gut of the Tropical Sea Urchin Echinometra mathaei (de Blainville)
J. M. Lawrence, 487-489

Mucous Envelope Formation in Two Species of Hawaiian Parrotfishes (Genus Scarus)
John E. Byrne, 490-493

A Key to the Genera of the Ophichthid Eels, with Descriptions of Two New Genera and Three New Species from the Eastern Pacific
Richard H. Rosenblatt and John E. McCosker, 494-505

A Review of the Eel Genera Leptenchelys and Muraenichthys, with the Description of a New Genus, Schismorhynchus, and a New Species Muraenichthys chilensis
John E. McCosker, 506-516

Two New Species of Frogfishes (Antennariidae) from Easter Island
R. Allen Gerald, 517-522

A Second Prionotus birostratus Richardson, with Notes on the Distribution of Prionotus in the Southeastern Pacific Ocean (Pisces, Triglidae)
C. G. Gruchy, 523-527

Record of the Brahminy Blind Snake, Typhlops braminus, from the Island of Hawaii
Diana D. Lieberman and Milton E. Lieberman, 528

Seismic Studies of Subsurface Structure in the Ewa Coastal Plain, Oahu, Hawaii
A . S. Furumoto, J. F. Campbell, and D. M. Hussong, 529-542

A Morphological and Mineralogical Study of the Gray Hydromorphic Soils of the Hawaiian Islands
M. S. Hussain and L. D. Swindale, 543-553

Pacific Science 24, Index



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