Pacific Science 25 (1971)

Pacific Science 25, no. 1

The Formation of a “Primary Film” on Materials Submerged in the Sea at Port Hueneme, California
Thomas B. O’Neill and Gary L. Wilcox, 1-

Experiments on Green Algae Coexistent with Zooxanthellae in Sea Anemones
Leonard Muscatine, 13-21

A Study of the Ecology of Pioneer Lichens, Mosses, and Algae on Recent Hawaiian Lava Flows
Togwell A. Jackson, 22-32

Southeast Asian Myxomycetes. I. Thailand and Burma
Don R. Reynolds and Constantine J. Alexopoulos, 33-38

Endemic Plants of Kipahulu Valley, Maui, Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian Plant Studies 36
Harold St. John, 39-79

On the Reef Corals of the World’s Most Northern Atoll (Kure: Hawaiian Archipelago)
Thomas F. Dana, 80-87

Differentiation and Commensalism in the Hydroid Proboscidactyla fiavicirrata
David L. Strickland, 88-90

On a New Commensal Shrimp Periclimenes hirsutus sp. nov. (Crustacea, Decapoda Natantia, Pontoniinae) from Fiji
A . J. Bruce, 91-100

A New Species of Melita (Amphipoda: Gammaridae) from the Marshall Islands, Micronesia
Robert A. Croker, 100-108

Observations on the Feeding Behavior of Conus geographus (Gastropoda: Toxoglossa)
Clifford Ray Johnson and William Stablum, 109-111

A Preliminary Quantitative Survey of the Echinoid Fauna of Kealakekua and Honaunau Bays, Hawaii
Thomas A. Ebert, 112-131

Pacific Science 25, no. 2

The Ecology of the Scalloped Hammerhead Shark, Sphyrna lewini, in Hawaii
Thomas A. Clarke, 133-144

Two Species of Caligus (Copepoda, Caligidae) from Australian Waters, with a Description of Some Developmental Stages
G. C. Hewitt, 145-164

A New Species of Clypeaster (Echinodermata, Echinoidea) from San Felix Island, with a Key to the Recent Species of the Eastern Pacific Ocean
Donald Keith Serafy, 165-170

Recoveries from 1964 through 1968 of Drift Bottles Released from a Merchant Vessel, S.S. Java Mail, en Route Seattle to Yokohama, October 1964
Donald M. Fisk, 171-177

Some Chemical Features of Lavas from the Manu‘a Islands, Samoa
Jay Hubbard Norman, 178-187

Fanning Island Expedition—1970
K. E. Chave, 188-190

Tides and Currents in Fanning Atoll Lagoon
B. S. Gallagher, K. M. Shimada, F. I. Gonzalez, Jr., and E. D. Stroup, 191-205

Flux of Suspended Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), Fanning Island Lagoon
S. V. Smith, K. J. Roy, H. G. Schiesser, G. L. Shepherd, and K. E. Chave, 206-221

Organic Carbon Budget of Fanning Island Lagoon
Donald C. Gordon, Jr., 222-227

Note on the Planktonic Primary Production in Fanning Island Lagoon
Donald C. Gordon, Jr., Robert O. Fournier, and George J. Krasnick, 228-233

Sedimentation and Coral Reef Development in Turbid Water: Fanning Lagoon
K. J. Roy and S. V. Smith, 234-248

Ecologic Observations on an Estuarine Environment at Fanning Atoll
Eric B. Guinther, 249-259

The Littoral Marine Molluscs of Fanning Island
E. Alison Kay, 260-281

The Zoogeographic Relationships of Fanning Island Inshore Fishes
William A. Gosline, 282-289

Pacific Science 25, no. 3

Soil Sequences of Western Samoa
C. L. Schroth, 291-300

The Origin of Manganese Nodules: A Combined Theory with Special Reference to Palagonitization
Maury Morgenstein and Murray Felsher, 301-307

A Study of the Growth Morphologies of Two Deep-Sea Manganese Meganodules
Maury Morgenstein, 308-312

The Vascular Plants of the Horne and Wallis Islands
Harold St. John and Albert C. Smith, 313-348

On Some Ceramiaceae (Rhodophyta) from California
Isabella A. Abbott, 349-356

Ecology and Taxonomy of an Epizooic Diatom
Dennis J. Russell and Richard E. Norris, 357-367

Notes on Indo-Pacific Scleractinian Corals. Part 7, Catalaphyllia, a New Genus of Reef Corals
John W. Wells, 368-371

Helminths from the Exotic Game Birds of the Puuwaawaa Ranch, Hawaii
V. Lewin and J. C. Holmes, 372-381

A Remarkable New Amphipod Genus (Crustacea, Gammaridae) from Eniwetok Atoll Lagoon
Robert A . Croker, 382-386

Substrate Selection in Caprellid Amphipods of Southern California, with Emphasis on Caprella californica Stimpson and Caprella equilibra Say (Amphipoda)
Donald E. Keith, 387-394

The Natantian Shrimps (Crustacea, Decapoda) Associated with Invertebrates in Hawaii
Peter Castro, 395-403

Megalobrachium poeyi (Crustacea, Decapoda, Porcellanidae): Comparison between Larval Development in Atlantic and Pacific Specimens Reared in the Laboratory
Robert H. Gore, 404-425

Breeding in an Oceanic Population of Pleuroncodes planipes (Crustacea, Galatheidae)
Alan R. Longhurst and Don L. R. Seibert, 426-428

Predation by the Nudibranch Dirona albolineata on Three Species of Prosobranchs
Gordon A. Robilliard, 429-435

The Pacific Species of the Clinid Fish Tribe Starksiini
Richard H. Rosenblatt and Leighton R. Taylor, Jr., 436-463

Pacific Science 25, no. 4

Notes on Nests and Behavior of the Hawaiian Crow
P. Quentin Tomich, 465-474

Vegetation of an Alpine Bog on East Maui, Hawaii
Richard J. Vogl and James Henrickson, 475-483

Sediment Distribution in the Hawaiian Archipelago
Pow-Foong Fan and Ross R. Grunwald, 484-488

A New Euphorbia (Euphorbiaceae) from Hawaii
Derral Herbst, 489-490

Studies of Pacific Island Plants, XXII. New Flowering Plants from Fiji
Albert C. Smith, 491-501

Pteridophyta of the Southern Cook Group
G. Brownlie and W. R. Philipson, 502-511

Feeding Behavior in the Hawaiian Zoanthids Palythoa and Zoanthus
Amada Alvarez Reimer, 512-513

Tortanus scaphus and Tortanus lophus, New Pacific Planktonic Copepods, with Notes on Tortanus murrayi (Calanoida, Tortanidae)
Thomas E. Bowman, 521-528

Sunaristes (Copepoda, Harpacticoida) Associated with Hermit Crabs at Eniwetok Atoll
Arthur G. Humes, 529-532

Periclimenes attentlattls sp. nov. (Crustacea, Decapoda, Natantia, Pontoniinae), a New Commensal Shrimp from the Duke of York Islands
A. J. Bruce, 533-544

On the Opisthobranch Genus Haminoea Turton & Kingston
W. B. Rudman, 545-559

Some Aspects of the Anatomy, Reproduction, and Early Development of Cerithium nodulosum (Bruguiere) (Gastropoda, Prosobranchia)
Joseph R. Houbrick, 560-565

Absorption of Water and Nuclear Lens Protein by Nuclear Lens Tissue
Albert C. Smith, 566-568

Pacific Science 25, Index


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