Pacific Science 26 (1972)

Pacific Science 26, no. 1

An Ecological Study of the Soil Microfungi in a Hawaiian Mangrove Swamp
Benny K. H. Lee and Gladys E. Baker, 1-10

Environment and the Distribution of Microfungi in a Hawaiian Mangrove Swamp
Benny K. H. Lee and Gladys E. Baker, 11-19

Algal Growth on Beaks of Live Parrotfishes
Roy T. Tsuda, Helen K. Larson, and Rufo J. Lujan, 20-23

A Revision of the Species of the Algal Genus Porphyra Occurring on the Pacific Coast of North America
V. Krishnamurthy, 24-49

On Melanochlamys Cheeseman, 1881, a Genus of the Aglajidae (Opisthobranchia, Gastropoda)
W. B. Rudman, 50-62

A Report on a Small Collection of Pontoniid Shrimps from Fiji, with the Description of a New Species of Coralliocaris Stimpson (Crustacea, Decapoda, Natantia, Pontoniinae)
A. J. Bruce, 63-86

Hermit Crabs from Eastern New Guinea
Eldon E. Ball, Jr. and Janet Haig, 87-107

Submarine Canyons off Eastern Oahu
James E. Andrews and Charles Bainbridge, 108-113

Carbohydrate and Lipid Levels in the Intestine of Holothuria atra (Echinodermata, Holothuroidea)
John M. Lawrence, 114-116

Diurnal Rhythm of Body Temperature in the Hawaiian Monk Seal (Monachus schauinslandi)
C. A. Ohata, D. T. Matsuura, G. C. Whittow, and S. W. Tinker, 117-120

Strongylodon secundus (Leguminosae), a Melanesian Species. Pacific Plant Studies 22
Harold St. John, 121-124

A New Genus and New Species of Hawaiian Gobiid Fish
Wayne J. Baldwin, 125-128

Pacific Science 26, no. 2

Predation Protection in the Poison-Fang Blenny, Meiacanthus atrodorsalis, and Its Mimics, Ecsenius bicolor and Runula laudandus (Blenniidae)
George S. Losey, 129-139

Spirorbinae (Polychaeta, Serpulidae) of the Hawaiian Chain. Part 1, New Species
Peter J. Vine, 140-149

Spirorbinae (Polychaeta, Serpulidae) of the Hawaiian Chain. Part 2, Hawaiian Spirorbinae
Peter J. Vine, Julie H. Bailey-Brock, and Dale Straughan, 150-182

Notes on Indo-Pacific Scleractinian Corals. Part 8, Scleractinian Corals from Easter Island
John W. Wells, 183-190

On Some Species of Phyllodocidae, Syllidae, Nephtyidae, Goniadidae, Apistobranchidae, and Spionidae (Polychaeta) from the Northeast Pacific Ocean
Karl Banse, 191-222

Eutardigrada: Distribution at Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands
Ronal H. Mehlen, 223-225

Genetic Events in Rat Populations at Eniwetok Atoll
Robert H. Tamarin, Spencer R. Malecha, William W. Steiner, and Michael N. Dennis, 226-228

Analysis of the Plant Geography of the Semideciduous Scrub and Forest and the Eucalypt Savannah near Port Moresby
P. C. Heyligers, 229-241

Geology of the Salt Lake Area, Oahu, Hawaii
Kost A. Pankiwskyj, 242-253

Giant Submarine Landslides on the Hawaiian Ridge: A Rebuttal
Stephen A. Langford and Richard C. Brill, 254-258

Pacific Science 26, no. 3

New Records for Four Deep-Sea Shrimps from the Northeastern Pacific
Robert A. Wasmer, 259-263

Morphology of the Ear of the Shark Genus Carcharhinus, with Particular Reference to the Macula Neglecta
Albert L. Tester, James I. Kendall, and William B. Milisen, 264-274

Plantae Hobdyanae Kauaienses. Hawaiian Plant Studies 31
Harold St. John, 275-295

The Plankton of Perseverance Harbour, Campbell Island, New Zealand
P. E. Roberts, 296-309

Collections and Submarine Observations of Deep Benthic Fishes and Decapod Crustacea in Hawaii
Thomas A. Clarke, 310-317

Preliminary Studies of Philippine Eucheuma Species (Rhodophyta). Part 1, Taxonomy and Ecology of Eucheuma arnoldii Weber-van Bosse
G. T. Kraft, 318-334

Some Soils and Surficial Deposits in the Kokoda Valley, Papua and New Guinea
C. F. Pain, 335-345

Incremental Color Change in an Anomuran Decapod Hippa pacifica Dana
Adrian M. Wenner, 346-353

Pacific Science 26, no. 4

Acanthaster Aggregations: Interpreted as Primarily Responses to Natural Phenomena
Thomas F. Dana, William A. Newman, and Edward W. Fager, 355-372

Pseudanthessius comanthi n. sp. (Copepoda, Cyclopoida) Associated with a Crinoid at Eniwetok Atoll
Arthur G. Humes, 373-380

A Comparative Study of the Genus Philinopsis Pease, 1860 (Aglajidae, Opisthobranchia)
W. B. Rudman, 381-399

Brooding in a Bathypelagic Octopus
Richard Edward Young, 400-404

Deepwater Tube Worms (Polychaeta, Serpulidae) from the Hawaiian Islands
Julie H. Bailey-Brock, 405-408

Canavalia kauensis (Leguminosae), a New Species from the Island of Hawaii. Hawaiian Plant Studies 39
Harold St. John, 409-414

Additional Experimental Crosses in Hawaiian Bidens (Asteraceae)
George W. Gillett, 415-417

Ecosystems, Mycologists, and the Geographical Distribution of Fungi in the Central Pacific
Gladys E. Baker and Joseph A. Meeker, 418-432

Population Ecology of the Polynesian Rat, Rattus exulans, on Kure Atoll, Hawaii
William O. Wirtz II, 433-464

Pacific Science 26, Index


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