Pacific Science 28 (1974)

Pacific Science 28, no. 1

Effects of Heated Effluent on Hermatypic Corals at Kahe Point, Oahu
Paul L. Jokiel and Stephen L. Coles, 1-18

Some Aspects of the Biology, Population Dynamics, and Functional Morphology of Musculista senhausia Benson (Bivalvia, Mytilidae)
Brian Morton, 19-33

The Barnacles of Fiji, with Observations on the Ecology of Barnacles on Tropical Shores
B. A. Foster, 35-56

Evidence for the Elevation to Family Status of the Angelfishes (Pomacanthidae), Previously Considered to be a Subfamily of the Butterfly Fish Family, Chaetodontidae
Warren E. Burgess, 57-71

The Frequency of Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhizae in the Roots of Camellia japonica L. from Different Sites in New Zealand
V. Mejstřík, 73-77

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman. Part 36, the New Section Asperi from Indomalaya
Harold St. John, 79-82

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman. Part 37, Pandanus on Aldabra Island, Indian Ocean
Harold St. John, 83-100

Pacific Science 28, no. 2

Stethojulis axillaris, a Junior Synonym of the Hawaiian Labrid Fish Stethojulis balteata, with a Key to the Species of the Genus
John E. Randall and John C. Kay, 101-108

The Ophidioid Fish Genus Luciobrotula in the Hawaiian Islands
Daniel M. Cohen, 109-110

Geographic Variation in the Central Pacific Halfbeak Hyporhamphus acutus (Gunther)
Bruce B. Collette, 111-122

Growth of Juvenile Acanthaster planci (L.) in the Laboratory
Masashi Yamaguchi, 123-138

Effect of Elevated Temperature on the Metabolic Activity of Coral Reef Asteroid Acanthaster planci (L.)
Masashi Yamaguchi, 139-146

The Echinoids of Easter Island (Rapa Nui)
F. Julian Fell, 147-158

Euchaeta marina (Prestandrea) (Copepoda, Calanoida) and Two Closely Related New Species from the Pacific
Janet M. Bradford, 159-169

Radianthus papillosa (Coelenterata, Actiniaria) Redescribed from Hawaii
Daphne Fautin Dunn, 171-179

Actiniogeton sesere (Coelenterata, Actiniaria) in Hawaii
Daphne Fautin Dunn, 181-188

Soil Algae of Eniwetok Atoll, The Marshall Islands
Jon H. Arvik and Dan L. Willson, 189-190

Geophysical Observations between Hawaii and Australia
G. L. Johnson, J. Egloff, and L. G. Hemler, 191-205

Pacific Science 28, no. 3

Fanning Island: Editor’s Note
E. Alison Kay, 207-210

The Flood-Tide Jet in Fanning Island Lagoon
Edward D. Stroup and Gary A. Meyers, 211-223

Processes of Carbon Dioxide Flux in the Fanning Island Lagoon
S. V. Smith and F. Pesret, 225-245

Reef Corals of Fanning Island
J. E. Maragos, 247-255

Coral Communities on a Seaward Reef Slope, Fanning Island
J. E. Maragos, 257-278

Molluscan Distribution Patterns in Fanning Island Lagoon and a Comparison of
the Mollusks of the Lagoon and the Seaward Reefs

E. Alison Kay and Marilyn F. Switzer, 275-295

Ecological Aspects of the Distributions of Fishes at Fanning Island
E. H. Chave and D. B. Eckert, 297-317

Groundwater and Nearshore Hyposaline Conditions at Fanning Island during a Period of Higher than Normal Rainfall
Eric B. Guinther, 319-337

The Vascular Flora of Fanning Island, Line Islands, Pacific Ocean
Harold St. John, 339-355

Pacific Science 28, no. 4

Sipunculid Burrows in Coral Reefs: Evidence for Chemical and Mechanical Excavation
J. A. Williams and S. V. Margolis, 357-359

Biology of the Polyclad Prosthiostomum (Prosthiostomum) sp., a New Coral Parasite from Hawaii
Paul L. Jokiel and Sidney J. Townsley, 361-373

Capacity for Development of Secondary Manubria in Eutonina indicans Medusae (Hydrozoa)
Clay Sassaman 375-376

Redescription of Anthopleura nigrescens (Coelenterata, Actiniaria) from Hawaii
Daphne Fautin Dunn, 377-382

Cyclopoid Copepods Associated with the Coral Genera Favia, Favites, Plarygyra, and Merulina in New Caledonia
Arthur G. Humes, 383-399

On the Systematics of Ancinus (Isopoda, Sphaeromatidae), with the Description of a New Species from the Tropical Eastern Pacific
Peter W. Glynn and Carmen S. Glynn, 401-422

Contributions to the Knowledge of the Alpheid Shrimp of the Pacific Ocean. Part XVII. Additional Notes on the Hawaiian Alpheids: New Species, Subspecies, and Some Nomenclatorial Changes
Albert H. Banner and Dora M. Banner, 423-437

A Description and Experimental Analysis of Batesian Mimicry between a Marine
Gastropod ahd an Amphipod

Laurence H. Field, 439-447

A Review of the Labrid Genus Paracheilinus, with the Description of a New Species from Melanesia
Gerald R. Allen, 449-455

Skottsbergiliana New Genus (Cucurbitaceae) of Hawaii Island. Hawaiian Plant Studies 41
Harold St. John, 457-462

A New Ervatamia (Apocynaceae) from Makatea Island, Tuamotu Archipelago. Pacific Plant Studies 23
Harold St. John, 463-465

Algal Flora of Some North Island, New Zealand, Lakes, Including Rotorua and Rotoiti
Vivienne Cassie, 467-504

Geochemistry of Lake Waters from the South Island, New Zealand
G. P. Glasby and W. H. L. Edgerley, 505-513

Pacific Science 28, Index



3 responses to “Pacific Science 28 (1974)

  1. Fernando Goyeneche Ramirez

    the paper named “On the Systematics of Ancinus (Isopoda, Sphaeromatidae), with the Description of a New Species from the Tropical Eastern Pacific
    Peter W. Glynn and Carmen S. Glynn, 401-422”
    Isn´t in the link.
    I need it for my final work in the Universidad Austral de Chile. Please fix the link or can you send me a pdf to my e-mail?
    I will be very gratefull


  2. Thank you for catching that! The metadata page for that article links to the previous article in the same issue. I can’t find pp. 401-422 in the collection, but have notified the librarian in charge of the digital repository and asked her to fix it. I’m sorry, but it may take a few days. Unfortunately, we don’t have our own copies of all the PDFs.
    Thanks again.

  3. Fernando,
    This bad link has now been fixed. The 1974 Glynn & Glynn article “On the Systematics of Ancinus” is now available.

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