Pacific Science 30 (1976)

Pacific Science 30, no. 1

Biography of David Nelson, and an Account of His Botanizing in Hawaii
Harold St. John, 1-5

New Species of Hawaiian Plants Collected by David Nelson in 1779. Hawaiian Plant Studies 52
Harold St. John, 7-44

Structure and Biological Dynamics of the Oligotrophic Ocean Photic Zone off the Hawaiian Islands
K. R. Gundersen, J. S. Corbin, C. L. Hanson, M. L. Hanson, R. B. Hanson, D. J. Russell, A. Stollar, and O. Yamada, 45-68

Habitats of Tubicolous Polychaetes from the Hawaiian Islands and Johnston Atoll
Julie H. Bailey-Brock, 69-81

Availability of Drift Materials and the Covering Response of the Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus (Stimpson)
Coleen A. Douglas, 83-89

The Hydrogeology and Water Supply Problems in North-Central Chile
John W. Lloyd, 91-100

Pacific Science 30, no. 2

The Distribution of Total and Organic Mercury in Seven Tissues of the Pacific Blue Marlin, Makaira nigricans
Cynthia D. Shultz and David Crear, 101-107

Keloid in the Gray Reef Shark, Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos
Albert C. Smith and Fount K. Hartley, 109-112

A New Species of Plesionika (Crustacea, Decapoda, Pandalidae) from the Pacific Coast of Colombia
H. J. Squires and J. H. Barragan, 113-117

Distribution, Morphometry, and Seasonal Biology of the Planktonic Copepods Neocalanus robustior and Neocalanus gracilis in the Pacific Ocean
Michael M. Mullin and Pamela M. Evans, 119-130

Sex Ratio, Size at Reproductive Maturity, and Reproduction of the Hawaiian Kona Crab, Ranina ranina (Linnaeus) (Brachyura, Gymnopleura, Raninidae)
Ann Fielding and Samuel R. Haley, 131-145

Observations on the Behavior and Shell Types of Cypraea moneta (Mollusca, Gastropoda) at Enewetak, Marshall Islands
Maurice L. Renaud 147-158

Thermal Tolerance in Tropical versus Subtropical Pacific Reef Corals
Stephen L. Coles, Paul L. Jokiel and Clark R. Lewis, 159-166

Present Knowledge of the Systematics and Zoogeography of the Order Gorgonacea in Hawaii
Richard W. Grigg and Frederick M. Bayer, 167-175

Reproduction of Acacia koa after Fire
Paul G. Scowcroft and Hulton B. Wood, 177-186

Observations on the Morphology and Taxonomy of Phycopeltis hawaiiensis King (Chroolepidaceae)
R. L. Chapman and B. H. Good, 187-195

The Correlation of Soil Algae, Airborne Algae, and Fern Spores with Meteorological Conditions on the Island of Hawaii
Johnny L. Carson and R. Malcolm Brown, Jr., 197-205

Pacific Science 30, no. 3

In Memoriam: Albert Lewis Tester, 1908-1974
Albert H. Banner, 209-210

Abstracts of Papers. Albert L. Tester Memorial Symposium, 22-23 April 1976

Early Life History of the Giant Clams Tridacna crocea Lamarck, Tridacna maxima (Reding), and Hippopus hippopus (Linnaeus)
Stephen C. Jameson, 219-233

Redescription of Antipathes panamensis Verrill (Coelenterata, Antipatharia)
Dennis M. Opresko, 235-240

The Diets of Sula dactylatra, Sula sula, and Fregata minor on Christmas Island, Pacific Ocean
Ralph W. Schreiber and Dannie A. Hensley, 241-248

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman. Part 40, The Fijian Species of the Section Pandanus
Harold St. John, 249-315

Pacific Science 30, no. 4

Particulate Organic Carbon, Nitrogen, and Chlorophyll as Measures of Phytoplankton and Detritus Standing Crops in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
John Caperon, Wayne A. Harvey, and Frances A. Steinhilper, 317-327

The Rate of Utilization of Urea, Ammonium, and Nitrate by Natural Populations of Marine Phytoplankton in a Eutrophic Environment
Wtryne A. Harvry and John Caperon, 329-340

Standing Stocks of Zooplankton Size-Classes and Trophic Levels in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Jed Hirota and James P. Szyper, 341-361

Nutrient Regeneration by the Larger Net Zooplankton in the Southern Basin of Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
James P. Szyper, Jed Hirota, John Caperon, and David A. Ziemann, 363-372

Secondary Production of Microcopepods in the Southern, Eutrophic Basin of Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
T. K. Newbury and Edwin F. Bartholomew, 373-384

Bacterial Nitrogen Fixation in a Polluted Coral Reef Flat Ecosystem, Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
R. B. Hanson and K. R. Gundersen, 385-393

Anomalous Growth and Reproductive Patterns in Populations of Chaetodon miliaris (Pisces, Chaetodontidae) from Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Stephen Ralston, 395-403

Pacific Science 30, Index


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