Pacific Science 32 (1978)

Pacific Science 32, no. 1

Edible-Oil Pollution on Fanning Island
Dennis J. Russell and Bruce A. Carlson, 1-15

Food Availability and Egg Production: A Field Experiment with Hippa pacifica Dana (Decapoda; Hippidae)
Craig Fusaro, 17-23

A New Genus and Species of Parasitic Copepod (Pandaridae) from a Unique New Shark
Roger Cressey and Hillary Boyle, 25-30

A Redescription of the Inarticulate Brachiopod lingula reevii Davidson
Christian C. Emig, 31-34

Gastropods as Predators and Prey at Easter Island
Alan J. Kahn, 35-37

Land Snails from Mothe, Lakemba, and Karoni Islands, Lau Archipelago, Fiji
Alan Solem, 39-45

Thermoregulatory Behavior of the Hawaiian Monk Seal (Monachus schauinslandi)
G. C. Whitlow, 47-60

Consumption and Growth Rates of Chaetognaths and Copepods III Subtropical Oceanic Waters
T. K. Newbury, 61-78

Vegetation of the Montane Region of Savai‘i, Western Samoa
W. Arthur Whistler, 79-94

Abstracts of Papers. Second Annual Albert L. Tester Memorial Symposium, 14-15 April, 1977

Pacific Science 32, no. 2

The Impact of Typhoon Pamela (1976) on Guam’s Coral Reefs and Beaches
James G. Ogg and J. Anthony Koslow, 105-118

Multiple Interaction of Factors in the Distribution of Some Hawaiian Gelidiales (Rhodophyta)
B. Santelices, 119-147

Aspects of Feeding, Burrowing, and Distribution of Haploscoloplos elongatus (Polychaeta: Orbiniidae) at Bodega Harbor, California
George T. Parkinson, 149-155

Four New Eulimid Gastropods Associated with Shallow-Water Diadematid Echinoids in the Western Pacific
W. F. Ponder and R. U. Gooding, 157-

Growth and Size of the Tropical Sea Cucumber Holothuria (Halodeima) atra Jäger at Enewetak Atoll, Marshall Islands
Thomas A. Ebert, 183-191

Diel, Lunar, and Seasonal Periodicity in the Reproductive Behavior of the Pomacanthid Fish, Centropyge potteri, and Some Other Reef Fishes in Hawaii
Phil S. Lobel, 193-207

A Stratigraphically Important New Diatom from the Pleistocene of the North Pacific
L. H. Burckle, S. R. Hammond, and Stefan M. Seyb, 209-214

Morphological Characteristics of the Diatom Flora of Lake Waiau: Variation and Speciation
Jane E. Massey, 215-217

Mineralogy of Sediments from Lake Waiau, Hawaii
Pow-Foong Fan, 219-221

Pacific Science 32, no. 3

The Introduced and Native Terrestrial Vertebrates of Fiji
John C. Pernetta and Dick Watling, 223-244

General Ecology of Six Species of Hawaiian Cardinalfishes
E. H. Chave, 245-270

Population Characteristics and Food Resource Utilization of Conus in the Galapagos Islands
James Nybakken, 271-280

Contributions to the Knowledge of Hyperiid Amphipods of the Family Scinidae from near Hawaii, with a Description of a New Species, Scina hawaiensis
Gary J. Brusca, 281-292

The Distribution, Abundance, Community Structure, and Primary Productivity of Macroorganisms from Two Central California Rocky Intertidal Habitats
Roger R. Seapy and Mark M. Littler, 293-314

The First Collection of Hawaiian Plants by David Nelson in 1779. Hawaiian Plant Studies 55
Harold St. John, 315-324

Pacific Science 32, no. 4

Native Use of Marine Invertebrates in Old Hawaii
Margaret Titcomb, with the collaboration of Danielle B. Fellows, Mary Kawena Pukui, and Dennis M. Devaney, 325-386

Pacific Science 32, Index



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