Pacific Science 34 (1980)

Pacific Science 34, no. 1

Epitonium millecostatum and Coralliophora clathrata: Two Prosobranch Gastropods Symbiotic with Indo-Pacific Palythoa (Coelenterata: Zoanthidae)
Robert Robertson, 1-17

Historic and Prehistoric Avian Records from Easter Island
Gail Speaker Carr, 19-20

Titanophora marianensis sp. nov. (Nemastomataceae, Rhodophyta) from Guam
Hiroshi Itono and Roy T. Tsuda, 21-24

A New Sciaphila (Triuridaceae) from the Palau Islands
F. R. Fosberg and Marie-Helene Sachet, 25-27

Infrageneric Relationships and the Origin of the Hawaiian Endemic Genus Lipochaeta (Compositae)
Elisabeth Rabakonandrianina, 29-39

Observations on the Genus Santalum (Santalaceae) in Hawai‘i
Lani Stemmermann, 41-54

Vegetative Anatomy of the Hawaiian Species of Santalum (Santalaceae)
Lani Stemmermann, 55-75

Sandalwood in the Cook Islands
W. R. Sykes, 77-82

Pacific Science 34, no. 2

Observations on the Life History of the Endangered Hawaiian Vetch (Vida menziesii) (Fabaceae) and Its Use by Birds
C. John Ralph, Alison P. Pearson, and David C. Phillips, 83-92

Effect of Different Photon Flux Densities (PAR) on Seedling Growth and Morphology of Metrosideros collina (Forst.) Gray
Douglas J. Friend, 93-100

Early Collections of Hawaiian Marine Algae
Isabella A. Abbott, 101-107

Descriptions of Two New Genera, Scageliopsis and Glandothamnus (Ceramiaceae, Rhodophyta), Including Five Previously Undescribed Species from Southern Australia
E. M. Wollaston, 109-127

The Annual Cycle of Oogenesis, Spawning, and Larval Settlement of the Echiuran Listriolobus pelodes off Southern California
John F. Pilger, 129-142

A New Siphonostome Family (Copepoda) Associated with a Vestimentiferan in Deep Water off California
Arthur G. Humes and Masahiro Dojiri, 143-151

The Cirolanidae (Crustacea: Isopoda) of Australia: The Genus Pseudolana from the Queensland Coasts with Description of Three New Species
Niel L. Bruce, 153-164

Larvae of the Ophichthid Eel Genus Neenchelys in the Indo-Pacific
P. H. J. Castle, 165-171

A Description of the Vexillifer Larvae of Pyramodon ventralis and Snyderidia canina (Pisces, Carapidae) with Comments on Classification
Douglas F. Markle and John E. Olney, 173-180

Aspects of the Natural History of the Midwater Fish Lycodapus mandibularis (Zoarcidae) in Monterey Bay, California
M. Eric Anderson, 181-194

Hawaiian Alpine Lake Level, Rainfall Trends, and Spring Flow
Alfred H. Woodcock, 195-209

Pacific Science 34, no. 3

New Records of Fishes from the Hawaiian Islands
John E. Randall, 211-232

Defensive Responses of Marine Gastropods (Prosobranchia, Trochidae) to Certain Predatory Seastars and the Dire Whelk, Searlesia dira (Reeve)
Daniel L. Hoffman, 233-243

Reproduction and Larval Development of Typosyllis pulchra (Berkeley & Berkeley) (Polychaeta: Syllidae)
Albert E. Heacox, 245-259

Two New Species of Astreopora (Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Scleractinia) from the Mid-Pacific
Austin E. Lamberts, 261-267

Description and Relationships of a New Species of Microhylid Frog (Genus Barygenys) from Papua New Guinea
Richard G. Zweifel, 269-275

A Reexamination of Some Hyperiid Amphipods from Hawaii
Gary J. Brusca, 277

Water Quality Characteristics of Honokohau Harbor: A Subtropical Embayment Affected by Groundwater Intrusion
P. Bienfang, 279-291

Planktonic Properties of Honokohau Harbor: A Nutrient-Enriched Subtropical Embayment
P. Bienfang and W. Johnson, 293-300

Physical Structure and Circulation in Honokohau, a Small Hawaiian Harbor Affected by Groundwater
Brent Gallagher, 301-311

Colonization of Marine Fishes in a Newly Created Harbor, Honokohau, Hawaii
Richard E. Brock, 313-326

Abstracts of Papers. Fifth Annual Albert L. Tester Memorial Symposium, 10-11 April 1980

Pacific Science 34, no. 4

A Field Study of a Vanishing Species, Achatinella mustelina (Gastropoda, Pulmonata), in the Waianae Mountains of Oahu
Michael G. Hadfield and Barbara Shank Mountain, 345-358

Abundance, Diversity, and Resource Use in an Assemblage of Conus Species in Enewetak Lagoon
Alan J. Kohn, 359-369

Two New Species of Pogonophora from Hawaii
Eve C. Southward, 371-378

Stylobates: A Shell-Forming Sea Anemone (Coelenterata, Anthozoa, Actiniidae)
Daphne Fautin Dunn, Dennis M. Devaney, and Barry Roth, 379-388

Pontoniine Shrimps from the Great Astrolabe Reef, Fiji
A. J. Bruce, 389-400

Contributions to the Knowledge of the Alpheid Shrimp of the Pacific Ocean. Part XIX. On Alpheus randalli, a New Species of the Edwardsii Group Found Living in Association with a Gobiid Fish
Albert H. Banner and Dora M. Banner, 401-405

A New Indo-Pacific Fish of the Genus Cirripectes (Blenniidae, Salariini)
Bruce A. Carlson, 407-414

Two New Indo-Pacific Labrid Fishes of the Genus Halichoeres, with Notes on Other Species of the Genus
John E. Randall, 415-432

The Labrid Fish Genus Pseudolabrus from Islands of the Southeastern Pacific, with Description of a New Species from Rapa
Barry C. Russell and John E. Randall, 433-440

Pacific Science 34, Index



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