Pacific Science 40 (1986)

Pacific Science 40, nos. 1-4

Diopatra dexiognatha, a New Species of Onuphidae (Polychaeta) from Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Hannelore Paxton and Julie H. Bailey-Brock, 1-6

Diel Movements of Resident and Transient Zooplankters Above Lagoon Reefs at Enewetak Atoll, Marshall Islands
Edmund S. Hobson and James R. Chess, 7-26

Two New Species of Rails (Aves: Rallidae) from Mangaia, Southern Cook Islands
David W. Steadman, 27-43

The Lizards of Rarotonga and Mangaia, Cook Island Group, Oceania
Ronald I. Crombie and David W. Steadman, 44-57

Weather, Eucalyptus Dieback in New England, and a General Hypothesis of the Cause of Dieback
T.C.R. White, 58-78

A Synopsis of Native Hawaiian Araliaceae
Porter P. Lowry II, 79-87

A Revision of Phyllanthus (Euphorbiaceae) in Eastern Melanesia
Grady L. Webster, 88-105

Amaranthus interruptus R. Br. on Jarvis Island in the Central Pacific
Uno H. Eliasson, 106-110

Abstracts of Papers: Eleventh Annual Albert L. Tester Memorial Symposium

Pacific Science 40, Index


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