Pacific Science 41 (1987)

Pacific Science 41, nos. 1-4

Geographic and Marine Isolation: An Assessment of the Marine Algae of Easter Island
B. Santelices and I. A. Abbott, 1-20

Distribution of Onchidium damelii Semper (Gastropoda, Onchidiidae)
R. Kenny and A. Smith, 21-30

A Tropical Eastern Pacific Barnacle, Megabalanus coccopoma (Darwin), in Southern California, following El Niño 1982-83
William A. Newman and Ronald R. McConnaughey, 31-36

Particle-Size Utilization in the Introduced Polychaete Neanthes succinea in San Francisco Bay
Peter P. Fong, 37-43

Embryo Ecology of the Pacific Surf Smelt, Hypomesus pretiosus (Pisces: Osmeridae)
Douglas P. Middaugh, Michael J. Hemmer, and Daniel E. Penttila, 44-53

Three Nomenclatorial Changes in Indo-Pacific Surgeonfishes (Acanthurinae)
John E. Randall, 54-61

Note on the Identity of Ipomoea koloaensis Leveille (Convolvulaceae)
Daniel F. Austin, 62-63

Portulaca molokiniensis (Portulacaceae), a New Species from the Hawaiian Islands
Robert W. Hobdy, 64-67

Nomenclatural and Taxonomic Changes in Hawaiian Alectryon (Sapindaceae)
George Linney, 68-73

Japanese White-eye, an Introduced Passerine, Visits the Flowers of Clermontia arborescens, an Endemic Hawaiian Lobelioid
Thomas G. Lammers, Stephen G. Weller, and Ann K. Sakai, 74-78

The Relationship Between Photosynthesis and Irradiance for Gulf of California Phytoplankton
Saul Alvarez-Borrego, Gilberto Gaxiola-Castro, and David U. Hernimdez-Becerril, 79-89

The Volatiles of Mt. Pagan, Northern Mariana Islands
William C. Evans, T. S. Presser, Lloyd D. White, and Ivan Barnes, 90-103

Laboratory Growth, Reproduction and Life Span of the Pacific Pygmy Octopus, Octopus digueti
Randal H. DeRusha, John W. Forsythe, and Roger T. Hanlon, 104-121

The Distribution and Abundance of Chloeia pinnata Moore, 1911 (Polychaeta: Amphinomidae) on the Southern California Borderland
Gilbert F. Jones and Bruce E. Thompson, 122-131

Euraphia eastropacensis (Cirripedia, Chthamalodea), a New Species of Barnacle from the Tropical Eastern Pacific: Morphological and Electrophoretic Comparisons with Euraphia rhizophorae (deOliveira) from the Tropical
Eastern Atlantic and Molecular Evolutionary Implications

Jorge E. Laguna, 132-140

New Decapod Records from the Hawaiian Islands (Crustacea, Decapoda)
Richard H. Titgen, 141-147

The Status of Fruit Bats on Guam
Gary J. Wiles, 148-157

The Fish Communities of a Coral Reef Transect
Rene Galzin and Pierre Legendre, 158-165

Pacific Island Mangroves: Distribution and Environmental Settings
Colin D. Woodroffe, 166-185

Nodule Biomass of the Nitrogen-fixing Alien Myrica faya Ait. in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Douglas R. Turner and Peter M. Vitousek, 186-190

Stunted Cloud-forest in Taveuni, Fiji
J. Ash, 191-199

Characteristics of Water Quality in Anchialine Ponds of Kona, Hawaii Coast
Richard E. Brock, James E. Norris, David A. Ziemann, and Michael T. Lee, 200-208

Pacific Science 41, Index



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