Pacific Science 05 (1951)

Pacific Science 5, no. 1

Notes on the Origin, History, and Genetic Nature of the Cayenne Pineapple
J. L. Collins, 3-17

Studies on Oxyspirura mansoni, the Tropical Eyeworm of Poultry. II. Life History
Calvin W. Schwabe, 18-35

Viability of Hawaiian Forest Tree Seeds in Storage at various Temperatures and Relative Humidities
Ernest K. Akamine, 36-46

Pacific Symphytognathid Spiders
B. J. Marples, 47-51

The Polynesian Species of Myoporum
Grady L. Webster, 52-77

Record of the Shark Carcharhinus longimanus, Accompanied by Naucrates and Remora, from the East-Central Pacific
Carl L. Hubbs, 78-81

Common and Aberrant Flowers of Cassia fistula
Marie C. Neal, 82-89

A Survey of the Lace-necked Dove in Hawaii
Charles W. Schwartz and Elizabeth Reeder Schwartz, 90-107

NOTE: Two Juvenile Pointed-tailed Ocean Sunfish, Masturus lanceolatus, from Hawaiian Waters
Joseph E. King, 108-109

Pacific Science 5, no. 2

The Krauss Collection of Australian Fruit Flies (Tephritidae-Diptera)
D. Elmo Hardy, 115-189

Asterospicularia laurae, n. gen. et n. sp., the Type of a New Family of Alcyonarians with Stellate Spicules
Huzio Utinomi, 190-196

Three New Species of Aedes from the Philippines (Diptera, Culicidae)
Kenneth L. Knight and William B. Hull, 197-203

NOTES: The American Element in the Hawaiian Flora
F. R. Fosberg, 204-206

Pacific Science 5, no. 3

The Aedes Mosquitoes of the Philippines. I. Keys to Species. Subgenera Mucidus, Ochlerotatus, and Finlaya (Diptera, Culicidae)
Kenneth L. Knight and William B. Hull, 211-251

Notes on Tetrameres sp. (Nematoda, Spiruroidea) Parasitic in the English Sparrow in Hawaii
Leo Kartman, 252-255

The Sponges of the Island of Hawaii
M. W. de Laubenfels, 256-271

The Scientific Name of the Nehu, an Engraulid Baitfish of the Hawaiian Islands
William A. Gosline, 272

Records and Descriptions of Some Micronesian Psyllidae (Homoptera)
Leonard D. Tuthill, 273-278

Plant Records from Aur Atoll and Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands, Micronesia
Harold St. John, 279-286

NOTE: Note on the Feeding Habits of the Giant White Marlin of the Pacific
Fred C. June, 287

Pacific Science 5, no. 4

The Hawaii Marine Laboratory
Robert W. Hiatt, 291-297

The Osteology and Classification of the Ophichthid Eels of the Hawaiian Islands
William A. Gosline, 298-320

The Distribution of Eggs and Larvae of the Anchovy, Stolephorus purpureus Fowler, in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, with a Consideration of the Sampling Problem
Albert L. Tester, 321-346

Food and Feeding Habits of the Nehu, Stolephorus purpureus Fowler
Robert W. Hiatt, 347-358

The Origin, Development, and Nature of the Spermatophoric Mass of the Spiny Lobster, Panulirus penicillatus (Oliver)
Donald C. Matthews, 359-371

The Luminescence of Some Deep-sea Fishes of the Families Gadidae and Macrouridae
Yata Haneda, 372-378

Fabricinae (Feather-duster Polychaetous Annelids) in the Pacific
Olga Hartman, 379-391

The Ecology of the Mosquito Larvae of New Guinea
George H. Bick, 392-431

Pacific Science 5, Index



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