Pacific Science 14 (1960)

Pacific Science 14, no. 1

Reproduction, Life History, and Larval Ecology of the California Xanthidae, the Pebble Crabs
Jens W. Knudsen, 3-17

Land Crabs and Fission Products at Eniwetok Atoll
Edward E. Held, 18-27

A New Hawaiian Percoid Fish, Suttonia lineata, with a Discussion of Its Relationships and a Definition of the Family Grammistidae
William A. Gosline, 28-38

Pinnixa darwini, a New Species of Pinnotherid Crustacean from the Galapagos Islands
John S. Garth, 39-42

On the World-wide Dispersal of a Hawaiian Barnacle, Balanus amphitrite hawaiiensis Broch
Huzio Utinomi, 43-50

Luminous Organs of the Deep-Sea Squaloid Shark, Centroscyllium ritteri Jordan and Fowler
Tamotsu lwai, 51-54

Analysis of Sea Bird Distribution in the Northwest Pacific Ocean
Nagahisa Kuroda, 55-67

A Survey for Alkaloids in Hawaiian Plants. II
Carl E. Swanholm, Harold St. John, and Paul J. Schetter, 68-74

Lord Howe Island, a Riddle of the Pacific. Part II
S. J. Paramonov, 75-85

Pacific Science 14, no. 2

Three New Species of Zoantharia from California
Charles E. Cutress and Willis E. Pequegnat, 89-100

Notes on Ecology, Distribution, and Systematics of Pelagic Tunicata from New Zealand
B. M. Bary, 101-121

Early Larval Development of Polydora nuchalis Woodwick, a Spionid Polychaete
Keith H. Woodwick, 122-128

Contributions to the Knowledge of the Alpheid Shrimp of the Pacific Ocean, Part V. The Indo-Pacific Members of the Genus Athanas
Albert H. Banner and Dora May Banner, 129-155

Charadracarus new genus, Charadracarinae new subfamily (Acari, Johnstonianidae), and the Status of Typhlothrombium Berlese 1910
Irwin M. Newell, 156-172

Notes on the Hawaiian Frigate Mackerel of the Genus Auxis
Walter M. Matsumoto, 173-177

Taxonomic Notes on the Ants Ponera leae Forel and Ponera norfolkensis (Wheeler) (Hymenoptera- Formicidae)
R. W. Taylor, 178-180

NOTE: Fatal Shark Attack, Oahu, Hawaii, December 13, 1958
Albert L. Tester, 181-184

NOTE: Introduction of the Marquesan Sardine, Harengula vittara (Cuvier and Valenciennes), to Hawaiian waters
Garth I. Murphy, 185-187

Pacific Science 14, no. 3

A History of the Binomial Classification of the Polynesian Native Dog
Katharine Luomala, 193-223

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 1. Key to the Sections
Harold St. John, 224-241

Studies on Pacific Ferns, Part I. Nomenclature Changes and Distributions of Some Species of Hymenophyllum, Arthropteris Microlepia, Oleandra, and Adiantum
G. Brownlie, 242-245

Remarks on the Succession of Bryophytes on Hawaiian Lava Flows
Harvey Alfred Miller, 246-247

Mycorrhizal Infection of Germinating Seedlings of Nothofagus solandri var. cliffortioides (Hook f.) Poole
B. C. Arnold, 248-250

Linear Discriminant Analysis
Robert H. Riffenburgh and Charles W. Clunies-Ross, 251-256

Albacore Migration and Growth in the North Pacific Ocean as Estimated from Tag Recoveries
Tamio Otsu, 257-266

A New Species of Acanthurus from the Caroline Islands, with Notes on the Systematics of Other Indo-Pacific Surgeonfishes
John E. Randall, 267-279

Two New Species of Candacia (Copepoda: Calanoida) from the Central Pacific, with Notes on Two Other Species
George D. Grice and Everet C. Jones, 280-291

Contributions to the Knowledge of the Alpheid Shrimp of the Pacific Ocean
Part VI. Prionalpheus, a New Genus of the Alpheidae

Albert H. Banner and Dora May Banner, 292-298
Part VII. On Metaberaeus Borradaile, with a New Species from Hawaii
Albert H. Banner and Dora May Banner, 299-303

Localization and Proof of Chitin in the Opistbobrancb Mollusks Aplysia californica Cooper and Bulla gouldiana (Pilsbry), with an Enzymochromatographic Method for Chitin Demonstration
Lindsay R. Winkler, 304-307

Second Report on Hawaiian Polyclads
Libbie H. Hyman, 308-309

Pacific Science 14, no. 4

Flora of Eniwetok Atoll
Harold St. John, 313-336

Marine Copepods of the Genus Anthessius from the Northeastern Pacific Ocean
Paul L. Illg, 337-372

Hawaiian Lava-Flow Fishes, Part IV. Snyderidia canina Gilbert, with Notes on the Osteology of Ophidioid Families
William A. Gosline, 373-381

Spiders from Some Pacific Islands, Part IV. The Cook Islands and Niue
B. J. Marples, 382-388

The Arrival of Aedes (Ochlerotarus) vigilax (Skuse) in Fiji
G. F. Burnett, 389-394

A New Hawaiian Engraulid Fish
Donald W. Strasburg, 395-399

Studies on Pacific Ferns, Part II. Humata and Ctenopteris
G. Brownlie, 400-402

Observations on the Toxic Sea Anemone, Rhodactis howesii (Coelenterata)
Edgar J. Martin, 403-407

Corrections and Additions to the Flora of the Hall Islands and to the Flora of Ponape
Benjamin C. Stone, 408-410

Hawaiian Helminths, Part III. New Opecoelid Trematodes
W. E. Martin, 411-415

A Comparison of the Ammocoete and Macrophthalmia Stages of Mordacia mordax and Geotria australis (Petromyzonidae)
R. Strahan, 416-420

NOTE: Courtship Behavior of the Lined Shore Crab, Pachygrapsus crassipes Randall
Richard V. Bovbjerg, 421-422

NOTE: Flora Malesiana: A Review
Benjamin C. Stone, 423-424

Pacific Science 14, Index



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