Pacific Science 17 (1963)

Pacific Science 17, no. 1

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 14. New Species from Malaya and Singapore
Harold St. John, 3-46

Species Structure of the Gobiid Fish Gillichthys mirabilis from Coastal Sloughs of the Eastern Pacific
George W. Barlow, 47-72

Preliminary Notes on Molluscan Assemblages of the Submarine Banks Around the lzu Islands
Takashi Okutani, 73-89

Notes on the Osteology and Systematic Position of Hypoptychus dybowskii Steindachner and Other Elongate Perciform Fishes
William A . Gosline, 90-101

Observations and Experiments on the Food Habits of California Sea Hares of the Genus Aplysia
Lindsay R. Winkler and E. Yale Dawson, 102-105

Littoral Sedimentary Processes on Kauai, a Subtropical High Island
D. L. Inman, W . R. Gayman, and D. C. Cox, 106-130

NOTE: Adoption of the Metric System and Celsius Scale

Pacific Science 17, no. 2

Sargassum Vegetation Growing in the Sea around Tsuyazaki, North Kyushu, Japan
Tadao Yoshida, Takeo Sawada, and Masahiro Higaki, 135-144

The Role of Olfaction in Shark Predation
Albert Tester, 145-170

Feeding Behavior in Three Species of Sharks
Edmund S. Hobson, 171-194

Life History of the Caligid Copepod Lepeophtheirus dissimulatus Wilson, 1905 (Crustacea: Caligoida)
Alan G. Lewis, 195-242

Studies on the Green Alga, Udotea indica A. & E. S. Gepp, 1911
Mohammed Nizamuddin, 243-245

Effects of Pollution on the Amino Acid Content of Mytilus edulis
Rita D. Schafer, 246-250

Important Pacific Insect Pests of Sugar Cane
C. E. Pemberton, 251-252

Pacific Science 17, no. 3

An Aerial Study of Hawaiian Wave Patterns
K. O. Emery, 255-260

Solenogaster Mollusks from Southern California
Mathilde Schwabl, 261-281

Studies in Fitchia (Compositae): Novelties from the Society Islands; Anatomical Studies
Sherwin Carlquist and Martin L. Grant, 282-298

Lithoglyptes hirsutus (Cirripedia: Acrothoracica), A New Burrowing Barnacle from Hawaii
Jack T. Tomlinson, 299-301

Toxicity of Dialyzed Extracts of Some California Anemones (Coelenterata)
Edgar J. Martin, 302-304

Ecological Observations on the Sea Cucumbers Holothuria atra and H. leucospilota at Rongelap Atoll, Marshall Islands
Kelshaw Bonham and Edward E. Held, 305-314

Field Identification of Five Species of Californian Beach Hoppers (Crustacea: Amphipoda)
Darl E. Bowers, 315-320

A Simple Device for Making Successive Photomicrographic Records of Large Groups of Developing Organisms
Sidney C. Hsiao, Walter K. Fujii, and Helen H. Fine, 321-328

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 15. Malayan Species Described by H. N. Ridley
Harold St. John, 329-360

Lord Howe Island, A Riddle of the Pacific, Part III
S. J. Paramonov, 361-373

NOTE: Additional Plants from the Midway Islands, 374
NOTE: On Malayan Shores: A Review, 374

Pacific Science 17, no. 4

The Role of Climatology in the Hawaiian Sugar-Cane Industry: An Example of Applied Agricultural Climatology in the Tropics
Jen-hu Chang, 379-397

Root Development in Aluminous Hawaiian Soils
D. L. Plucknett, J. C. Moomaw, and C. H. Lamoureux, 398-406

Studies in the Hawaiian Rutaceae, IV. New and Critical Species of Pelea A. Gray
Benjamin C. Stone, 407-420

A Prior Name for the Hawaiian Gouldia terminalis (Rubiaceae)
Robert L. Wilbur, 421-423

Population Dynamics in a Sublittoral Epifauna
Willis E. Pequegnat, 424-430

Preliminary Report on the Marquesan Sardine, Harengula vittata, in Hawaii
Thomas S. Hida and Robert A . Morris, 431-437

Hawaiian Records of Folliculinids (Protozoa) from Submerged Wood
Donald C. Matthews, 438-443

Investigations of Rhinoceros Beetles in West Africa
Charles P. Hoyt, 444-451

Characteristic Features of the Volcanism of the Siberian Platform
V. S. Sobolev, 452-457

Gibsmithia hawaiiensis gen. n. et sp. n.
Maxwell S. Doty, 458-465

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 16. Species Discovered in Thailand and Vietnam
Harold St. John, 466-492

Pacific Science 17, Index


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