Pacific Science 35 (1981)

Pacific Science 35, no. 1

Acropora in Hawaii. Part 1. History of the Scientific Record, Systematics, and Ecology
Richard W. Grigg, John W. Wells, and Carden Wallace, 1-13

Acropora in Hawaii. Part 2. Zoogeography
Richard W. Grigg, 15-24

Larval Growth and Metamorphosis of Conus (Gastropoda: Toxoglossa) in Hawaii
Frank E. Perron, 25-38

Bioluminescence in Pelagic Octopods
Bruce H. Robison and Richard Edward Young, 39-44

Bodianus prognathus (Labridae, Pisces), a New Longnose Hogfish from the Central Pacific
Phillip S. Lobel, 45-50

A Revision of the Labrid Fish Genus Pseudojuloides, with Descriptions of Five New Species
John E. Randall and Helen A . Randall, 51-74

Nonmarine Mollusks from Archaeological Sites on Tikopia, Southeastern Solomon Islands
Carl C. Christensen and Patrick V. Kirch, 75-88

Insect Damage to Leaves of Two Varieties of Metrosideros collina subsp. polymorpha
M. A. B. Lee, 89-92

Records of Three New Freshwater Fishes from the Fiji Islands
P. A. Ryan, 93-95

New Species from Kauai. Hawaiian Plant Studies 97
Harold St. John, 97-103

Pacific Science 35, no. 2

The Contribution of Cook’s Third Voyage to the Ornithology of the Hawaiian Islands
David G. Medway, 105-173

Observations during the Visits of 1778 and 1779, 105

    Anderson’s Account, 105
    Clerke’s Account, 108
    King’s Account, 110
    Ellis’s Account, 110

Inland Excursions on Hawaii, 112

    David Samwell and the First Excursion, 24 January 1779, 112
    The Second Excursion, 26 January-30 January 1779, 112
    The Third Excursion, 27 January-30 January 1779, 114

Bird Specimens from the Third Voyage, 117
Bullock’s Museum and Hawaiian Ornithology, 121
The Bird Drawings of Ellis and Webber, 130
Descriptions Based on Hawaiian Bird Specimens Collected on Cook’s Third Voyage, 133
Acknowledgments, 167
Literature Cited, 168
Index to Scientific and Vernacular Names, 173

Pacific Science 35, no. 3

Sequential Differentiation of Sexual Behavior in Populations of Drosophila silvestris
Kenneth Y. Kaneshiro and Joyce Sato Kurihara, 177-183

The Central Pacific Shrimps of the Genus Hippolyte, with a Description of Two New Species (Decapoda, Caridea, Hippolytidae)
Ken-Ichi Hayashi, 185-196

Examples of Antitropical and Antiequatorial Distribution of Indo-West-Pacific Fishes
John E. Randall, 197-209

Associations between the Arrow Goby Clevelandia ios (Jordan and Gilbert) and the Ghost Shrimp Callianassa californiensis Dana in Natural and Artificial Burrows
Carol J. Hoffman, 211-216

A Biochemical and Morphological Review of the Lizardfish Genus Saurida in Hawaii, with the Description of a New Species
Robin S. Waples, 217-235

A Report on a Nonfatal Shark Attack in the Hawaiian Islands
F. H. Martini and K. Welch, 237-240

Atmospheric Input of Phosphorus to Remote Tropical Islands
William F. Graham and Robert A. Duce, 241-255

Hypereutrophication of an Hawaiian Alpine Lake
Edward A. Laws and Alfred H. Woodcock, 257-261

Abstracts of Papers. Sixth Annual Albert L. Tester Memorial Symposium, 3-4 April 1981

Pacific Science 35, no. 4

Kaneohe Bay Sewage Diversion Experiment: Perspectives on Ecosystem Responses to Nutritional Perturbation
Stephen V. Smith, William J. Kimmerer, Edward A. Laws, Richard E. Brock, and Ted W. Walsh, 279-395

    Abstract, 279
    General Environmental Setting, 283
    Ecosystem Composition, 302
    Ecosystem Dynamics, 348
    Summary and Conclusions, 375
    Acknowledgments, 379
    Literature Cited, 379


    Standard Field and Laboratory Methods, 385
    General Field Water Sampling, 385
    Chemical Analysis, 386
    Phytoplankton Analyses, 389
    Zooplankton Analyses, 390
    Benthos Analyses, 391

    Environmental Variability, 393
    Statistical Analyses, 395

Pacific Science 35, Index


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