Pacific Science 23 (1969)

Pacific Science 23, no. 1

Morphology of the Lateralis Canal System in the Shark Genus Carcharhinus
Albert L. Tester and James I. Kendall, 1-16

Marine Geology of Kure and Midway Atolls, Hawaii: A Preliminary Report
M. Grant Gross, John D. Milliman, Joshua I. Tracey, Jr., and Harry S. Ladd, 17-25

Primary Productivity in a Hawaiian Fishpond and Its Relationship to Selected Environmental Factors
Thomas C. Malone, 26-34

Comments on Certain Recent Generalizations Regarding Cleaning Symbiosis in Fishes
Edmund S. Hobson, 35-39

Behavior Associated with Pair Formation in the Banded Shrimp Stenopus hispidus (Olivier)
Victor R. Johnson, Jr., 40-50

Growth and Asexual Reproduction of the Starfish Nepanthia belcheri (Perrier)
Ron Kenny, 51-55

A Comparative Study of Cheilostome Bryozoa at Yokosuka, Maizuru, and Sasebo, Japan
Edward R. Long and James B. Rucker, 56-69

Quantitative Relationships Between Fleas and Rodents in a Hawaiian Cane Field
Glenn E. Haas, 70-82

Observations on Hawaiian Species of Wikstroemia (Angiospermae: Thymelaeaceae)
Samta Gupta and G. W. Gillett, 83-88

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 33. Further Accounts of Australian Species, and a Key to the Section Microstigma
Harold St. John, 89-114

Aluminous-Ferruginous Oxide Mineral Nodules in Tropical Soils
G. Donald Sherman, Haruyoshi Ikawa, and Yoshito Matsusaka, 115-122

NOTE: Aggregating in the Echinoid Evechinus chloroticus
Trevor G. Dix, 123-124

NOTE: The Nomenclatural and Taxonomic Status of the Hawaiian Shrub Scaevola gaudichaudii
H. & A. George W. Gillett, 125-128

NOTE: On the Existence of a Coral Reef Regenerative Sediment
Louis H. Di Salvo, 129

Pacific Science 23, no. 2

The New Zealand Rain Forest: A Comparison with Tropical Rain Forest
J. W. Dawson and B. V. Sneddon, 131-147

The Algal Genus Laurencia from the Hawaiian Islands, the Philippine Islands and Adjacent Areas
Yuzuru Saito, 148-160

The Properties and Genesis of Four Middle Altitude Dystrandept Volcanic Ash Soils from Mauna Kea, Hawaii
P. Loganathan and L. D. Swindale, 161-171

The Doridacea (Opisthobranchia; Mollusca) of the Hawaiian Islands
E. Alison Kay and David K. Young, 172-231

The Osmotic and Chloride Regulative Capacities of Five Hawaiian Decapod Crustaceans
Fred I. Kamemoto and Kenneth N. Kato, 232-237

A New Species of Saccocirrus (Archiannelida) from the West Coast of North America
John S. Gray, 238-251

A Coral-Eating Barnacle
Arnold Ross and William A. Newman, 252-256

A New Species of Hermit Crab, Pylopagurus diegensis (Decapoda: Anomura), with a Key for the Genus in the Eastern Pacific
Thomas B. Scanland and Thomas S. Hopkins, 257-260

NOTE: A Positive Chitosan Test for Spicules in the Anthozoan Order, Pennatulacea
William Shapeero, 261-263

Pacific Science 23, no. 3

Survival of Rats at Eniwetok Atoll
William B. Jackson, 265-275

Marine Pothole Erosion
Agatin T. Abbott and Steven W. Pottratz, 276-290

The Iron and Titanium Minerals in the Titaniferous Ferruginous Latosols of Hawaii
James L. Walker, G. Donald Sherman, and Takashi Katsura, 291-304

Annual and Proecdysial Variations in Urine Production in Crayfish
Joyce K. Ono and Fred I. Kamemoto, 305-310

The Predator-Prey Relationship between the Octopus (Octopus bimaculatus) and the California Scorpionfish (Scorpaena guttata)
Peter B. Taylor and Lo-Chai Chen, 311-316

Vertical Orientation in a New Gobioid Fish from New Britain
Daniel M. Cohen and William P. Davis, 317-324

Feeding Behavior of a Vertically Migrating Lanternfish
Arthur Allen Holton, 325-331

Association between the Echinoid Evechinus chloroticus (Val.) and the Clingfish Dellichthys morelandi Briggs
Trevor G. Dix, 332-336

Growth and Size Distribution of the Brachiopod Terebratalia transversa Sowerby
Robert T. Paine, 337-343

Ustilaginales of Hawaii
Yrjö Mäkinen, 344-349

Hawaiian Novelties in the Genus Solanum (Solanaceae). Hawaiian Plant Studies 30
Harold St. John, 350-354

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 34. Four Species from the Philippines
Harold St. John, 355-366

Studies of Pacific Island Plants, XX. Notes on Some Fijian Species of Readea and Psychotria (Rubiaceae)
Albert C. Smith, 367-382

Studies of Pacific Island Plants, XXI. New and Noteworthy Flowering Plants from Fiji
Albert C. Smith, 383-393

NOTE: Batillipes gilmartini, a New Marine Tardigrade from a California Beach
Maxine McGinty 394-396

NOTE: Two Sea Urchins Found inside the Air Bladder of the Bull Kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana)
Jiro Nishimoto 397-398

Pacific Science 23, no. 4

A Review of Ecological Factors Affecting the Annual Cycle in Island Populations of Seals
John K. Ling, 399-413

Taxonomy and Host Associations of Some Parasitic Copepods (Crustacea) from Pelagic Teleost Fishes
A. G. Lewis, J. Dean, and E. Gilfillan III, 414-437

Distribution, Morphometry, and Seasonal Biology of the Planktonic Copepods, Calanus tenuicornis and C. lighti, in the Pacific Ocean
Michael M. Mullin, 438-446

Growth and Longevity of Some Calcareous Fouling Organisms, Monterey Bay, California
Stephen V. Smith and Eugene C. Haderlie, 447-451

Origin of Concentric Banding in the Spines of the Tropical Echinoid Heterocentrotus
Jon N. Weber, 452-466

Ecology of Tridacna in Palau
John T. Hardy and Sheila A. Hardy, 467-472

Paleontological Analyses of North Pacific Ocean-Bottom Cores
Charles W. Thomas, 473-482

Variation of Sodium and Chloride Concentrations with Rainfall Intensity in Hawaiian Trade Wind Showers
Robert A. Duce, Yuk-Bon Seto, and Jarvis L. Moyers, 483-495

Distribution and Characteristics of Dikes in the Southeast Part of the Koolau Range, Oahu
Gordon E. Bigelow 496-506

Monograph of the Hawaiian Species of Gouania (Rhamnaceae). Hawaiian Plant Studies 34
Harold St. John, 507-543

NOTE: A Note on the Genus Drosophilella Duda (Diptera; Drosophilidae)
Marshall R. Wheelet, 544-545

NOTE: Confirmation of Symbiotic Relationship between Liparid Fishes (Careproctus spp.) and Male King Crab (Paralithodes camtschatica)
Charles J. Hunter, 546-547

Pacific Science 23, Index



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