Pacific Science 15 (1961)

Pacific Science 15, no. 1

A Taxonomic Study of the Indigenous Hawaiian Species of the Genus Hibiscus (Malvaceae)
Sister Margaret James Roe, 3-32

A Collection of Porifera from Northern New Zealand, with Descriptions of Seventeen New Species
Patricia R. Bergquist, 33-48

Effects of Pollution on the Free Amino Acid Content of Two Marine Invertebrates
Rita D. Schafer, 49-55

Studies in the Helminthocladiaceae (Rhodophyta); Helminthocladia
Maxwell S. Doty and Isabella A. Abbott, 56-63

Studies on Pacific Ferns, Part III. The Lindsaeoid Ferns
G. Brownlie, 64-66

Two New Chaetognaths from the Pacific
Angeles Alvariño, 67-77

Polydora rickettsi, a New Species of Spionid Polychaete from Lower California
Keith H. Woodwick 78-81

An Ecological Perspective of Marcus Island, with Special Reference to Land Animals
Shoichi F. Sakagami, 82-104

Two New Species of Chaetognatha from the Waters off Peru
Paul N. Sund, 105-111

A New Opisthobranch Mollusc from Hawaii
Alison Kay, 112-113

The Aleyrodidae (Hemiptera-Homoptera) of New Caledonia
L. J. Dumbleton, 114-136

The Ascidians of Point Barrow, Alaska, Part I. Suborder Phlebobranchia (Enterogona)
Donald P. Abbott, 137-143

The Anatomy of Coluber radiarus and Coluber melanurus
R. A. M. Bergman, 144-154

Strontium-90 and Gross Beta Activity in the Fat and Nonfat Fractions of the Liver of the Coconut Crab (Birgus latro) Collected at Rongelap Atoll during March 1958
Diptiman Chakravarti and Ronald Eisler, 155-159

Pacific Science 15, no. 2

Studies in Spawning Behavior, Egg Masses, and Larval Development in the Gastropod Genus Conus, Part I. Observations on Nine Species in Hawaii
Alan J. Kohn, 163-179

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 2. Pandanus in western Australia and Notes on the Section Foullioya
Harold St. John, 180-185

Fungi from Raroia in the Tuamotu Archipelago
William Bridge Cooke, 186-188

Notes on Indo-Pacific Scleractinian Corals, Part 3. A New Reef Coral from New Caledonia
John W. Wells, 189-191

Porifera of Friday Harbor and Vicinity
M. W. de Laubenfels, 192-202

Studies of the Biology of Polychoerus carmelensis (Turbellaria: Acoela)
Kenneth B. Armitage, 203-210

Preliminary Tests of the Toxin Extracted from California Sea Hares of the Genus Aplysia
Lindsay R. Winkler, 211-214

A Contribution to the Biology of the Convict Surgeonfish of the Hawaiian Islands, Acanthurus triostegus sandvicensis
John E. Randall, 215-272

A New Species of Micronereis (Annelida, Polychaeta) from the Marshall Islands
Donald J. Reish, 273-277

Life Cycle of Mesostephanus appendiculatus (Ciurea, 1916) Lutz, 1935 (Trematoda: Cyathocotylidae)
W. E. Martin, 278-281

Some Notes on the Hawaiian Monk Seal
Judith E. King and R. J. Harrison, 282-293

Hermaphroditic Skipjack
Richard N. Uchida, 294-296

Studies on Pacific Ferns, Part IV. The Pteridophyte Flora of Pitcairn Island
G. Brownlie, 297-300

The Principal Weedy Melastomaceae in Hawaii
D. L. Plucknett and B. C. Stone, 301-303

Leaf and Air Temperature under Hawaii Conditions
T. L. Noffsinger, 304-306

NOTE: The Species Commonality Index: A Method for Comparing Habitats
Charles J. Flora, 307-308

Pacific Science 15, no. 3

On Zooplankton of Some Arctic Coastal Lagoons of Northwestern Alaska, with Description of a New Species of Eurytemora
Martin W. Johnson, 311-323

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 3. A New Species from Oeno Island, Tuamotu Archipelago
Harold St. John, 324-326

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 4. Disposition of Some Later Homonyms
Harold St. John, 327

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 5. Pandanus of the Maldive Islands and the Seychelles Islands, Indian Ocean
Harold St. John, 328-346

A Contribution to the Ecology of the Kermadec Islands
V. J. Chapman, 347-351

Feasibility of a Lava-diverting Barrier at Hilo, Hawaii
C. K. Wentworth, H. A. Powers, and J. P. Eaton, 352-357

Variations in the Lava of the 1959 Eruption in Kilauea Iki
Gordon A. Macdonald and Takashi Katsura, 358-369

A Guide to the Literature and Distributions of Pacific Benthic Algae from Alaska to the Galapagos Islands
E. Yale Dawson, 370-461

Fishes Killed by the 1950 Eruption of Mauna Loa, Part V. Gonostomatidae
Marion Grey, 462-476

Amorphous Mineral Colloids of Soils of the Pacific Region and Adjacent Areas
Yoshinori Kanehiro and Lynn D. Whittig, 477-482

NOTE: Daylight Surface Occurrence of Myctophid Fishes Off the Coast of Central America
Franklin G. Alverson, 483

Pacific Science 15, no. 4

Notes on Larvae, Juveniles, and Spawning of Bonito (Sarda) from the Eastern Pacific Ocean
W. L. Klawe, 487-493

The Distribution of Certain Benthonic Algae in Queen Charlotte Strait, British Columbia, in Relation to Some Environmental Factors
Robert F. Scagel, 494-539

Description of a New Species of Pranesus (Atherinidae: Pisces) from the Capricorn Group, Great Barrier Reef
D. J. Woodland, 540-541

New Pogonophora from the Eastern Pacific Ocean
Olga Hartman, 542-546

Acanthophora, a Possible Invader of the Marine Flora of Hawaii
Maxwell S. Doty, 547-552

Post-larval Food of the Pelagic Coelenterate, Velella lata
Robert Bieri, 553-556

Interspecific Differences in the Reaction to Atropine and in the Histology of the Esophagi of the Common California Sea Hares of the Genus Aplysia
Lindsay R. Winkler and Bernard E. Tilton, 557-560

The Vegetation of Yanagi Islet, Truk, Caroline Islands
Peter J. R. Hill and Benjamin C. Stone, 561-562

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 6. New Pandanus Species from Queensland, Australia
Harold St. John, 563-575

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 7. New Species from Borneo, Papua, and the Solomon Islands
Harold St. John, 576-590

Feral Rabbit Populations on Pacific Islands
J. S. Watson, 591-593

Relationships of the Red-backed Voles of Japan
E. W. Jameson, Jr., 594-604

Two Shark Incidents at Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands
E. S. Hobson, F. Mautin, and E. S. Reese, 605-609

Pandanus pistillaris in the Caroline Islands: An Example of Long-Range Oceanic Dispersal
Benjamin C. Stone, 610-619

Pacific Science 15, Index


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