Pacific Science 06 (1952)

Pacific Science 6, no. 1

Notes on a Collection of Orchids from Ponape, Caroline Islands
Alex D. Hawkes, 3-12

Some Luminous Fishes of the Genera Yarrella and Polyipnus
Yatah Aneda, 13-16

A New Genus of Seed-infesting Micropterygid Moths
L. J. Dumbleton, 17-29

Notes on Hawaiian Species of Scaevola (Goodeniaceae). Hawaiian Plant Studies 19
Harold St. John, 30-34

Inter-tidal Zonation at Rangitoto Island, New Zealand (Studies in Inter-tidal Zonation 4)
J. A. Carnahan, 35-46

A New Atherinid Fish of the Genus Iso from the Hawaiian Islands
William A. Gosline, 47-50

Germination of Koa Haole (Leucaena glauca (L. ) Benth.) Seed
Ernest K. Akamine, 51-52

Allometric Growth in the Striped Marlin, Makaira rnitsukurii, from New Zealand
James E. Morrow, Jr., 53-28

Variation in the Vertebral Number of the Anchovy (Stolephorus purpureus) in Hawaiian Waters
Albert L. Tester and Robert W. Hiatt, 59-70

On the Identity of Stylarioides inflata (Treadwell) and Its Extended Distribution (Annelida)
Olga Hartman, 71-74

Observations on a Specimen of Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus) Taken in Hawaiian Waters
Fred C. June, 75-76

Pacific Science 6, no. 2

On the Psyllidae of New Zealand (Homoptera)
L. D. Tuthill, 83-125

Descriptions and Redescriptions of the Hawaiian Octocorals Collected by the U. S. Fish Commission Steamer “Albatross” (1. Alcyonacea, Stolonifera, and Telestacea)
Frederick M. Bayer, 126-136

Properties of the Gray Hydromorpbic Soils of the Hawaiian Islands
William R. Gill and G. Donald Sherman, 137-144

A New Variety of Pandanus and a New Species of Fimbristylis from the Central Pacific Islands. Pacific Plant Studies No. 11
Harold St. John, 145-150

Notes on the Mosquitoes of Nissan Island, Territory of New Guinea
Marshall Laird, 151-156

The Aedes Mosquitoes of the Philippine Islands. II. Subgenera Skusea, Christophersiomyia, Geoskusea, Rhinoskusea, and Stegomyia (Diptera, Culicidae)
Kenneth L. Knight and William B. Hull, 157-189

Pacific Science 6, no. 3

Studies on Some Japanese Fishes of the Family Gempylidae
Kiyomatsu Matsubara and Tamotsu Iwai, 193-

Monograph of the Genus Isodendrion (Violaceae). Hawaiian Plant Studies 21
Harold St. John, 213-255

Spawning Behavior of the Cottid Fish Clinocottus recalvus (Greeley)
Robert W. Morris, 256-258

Dew as a Source of Plant Moisture
Luna B. Leopold, 259-261

Redescription of Aedes (Ochlerotatus) camposanus Dyar, 1918, as a Valid Species Found in the Coastal Plain of Ecuador
Roberto Levi-Castillo, 262-264

Pacific Science 6, no. 4

The Kona Earthquake of August 21, 1951, and Its Aftershocks
Gordon A. Macdonald and Chester K. Wentworth, 269-287

The Genus Acer (Maples) in Formosa and the Liukiu {Ryukyu} Islands
Hui-Lin Li, 288-294

A New Species of Amphipod from Lower California (Genus Eriopisa)
J. Laurens Barnard, 295-299

The Nassariidae of the West Coast of North America between Cape San Lucas, Lower California, and Cape Flattery, Washington
Joan Demond, 300-317

Iodine Content of Some Marine Algae
Madelon R. Grimm, 318-323

Pacific Science 6, Index


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