Pacific Science 19 (1965)

Pacific Science 19, no. 1

Historic Littoral Cones in Hawaii
James G. Moore and Wayne U. Ault, 3-11

The Characeae of Fiji
R. D. Wood, 12-30

Chromosome Numbers in Characeae from the South Pacific
Arland Hotchkiss, 31-37

A Study of Stomatal Structure in Pandanaceae
P. B. Tomlinson, 38-54

New Monogenetic Trematodes from Hawaiian Fishes, I
Satyu Yamaguti, 55-95

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 17. Species, Mostly New, in Borneo, Cambodia, and Vietnam
Harold St. John, 96-112

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 18. Pandanus of Christmas Island, Indian Ocean, and of the Anamba Islands, Indonesia
Harold St. John, 113-119

Pacific Science 19, no. 2

The Sponges of the Palau Islands, Part I
Patricia R. Bergquist, 123-204

A New Species of Pachycerianthus, with a Discussion of the Genus and an Appended Glossary
Mary Needler Arai, 205-218

The Geographical Affinities of th e South Pacific Island Fern Floras
G. Brownlie, 219-223

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 19. Additional Malayan Species of Pandanus
Harold St. John, 224-237

Weight Variation in Adrenal Glands of the Mongoose in Hawaii
P. Quentin Tomich, 238-243

Ecological Studies of Black Coral in Hawaii
Richard W. Grigg, 244-260

Species Composition and Distribution of Polagic Cephalopods from the Pacific Ocean off Oregon
William G. Pearcy, 261-266

NOTE:A Gastropod Parasite of Solitary Corals in Hawaii
H. F. Bosch, 267-268

Pacific Science 19, no. 3

George P. Woollard

THIS ISSUE OF Pacific Science is devoted to geological, geochemical, and geophysical studies on and adjacent to the Hawaiian Ridge. It is not only an attempt to summarize in collected form our present state of knowledge concerning Hawaii, its geological environment, and geophysical setting, but is an attempt to establish those deficiencies in knowledge that are pertinent to studies related to the proposed Moho Hole that now is planned to be drilled 125 nautical miles north of the island of Maui. As it is often difficult to assess what specifically should be done in advance of a major operation such as the Moho Hole, this opportunity to gather together the extensive amount of unpublished studies related to Hawaii having a bearing on the Moho investigation represents a significant contribution to the program. As a member of the U. S. National Upper Mantle Committee of the Geophysics Research Board of the National Academy of Sciences and as Director of the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics, I would like to express my personal appreciation as well as that of my scientific colleagues to Pacific Science for this distinctive contribution to Project Moho Hole.

Problems of the Upper Mantle and Hawaii as a Site for the Moho Hole
George P. Woollard, 271-284

The Lithologic Constitution of the Crust and Mantle in the Hawaiian Area
Gordon A. Macdonald, 285-286

Geochemical Studies of Hawaiian Rocks Related to the Study of the Upper Mantle
John J. Naughton and I. Lynus Barnes, 287-290

Ultrasonic Velocities and Related Elastic Properties of Hawaiian Basaltic Rocks
Murli H. Manghnani and George P. Woollard, 291-295

A Seismic Refraction Study of the Koolau Volcanic Plug
Wm. Mansfield Adams and Augustine S. Furumoto, 296-305

The Structure of Koolau Volcano from Seismic Refraction Studies
Augustine S. Furumoto, Noel J. Thompson, and George P. Woollard, 306-314

Seismic Refraction Studies of the Crustal Structure of the Hawaiian Archipelago
Augustine S. Furumoto and George P. Woollard, 315-319

Hawaiian Calderas
Gordon A. Macdonald, 320-334

Seismic Reflection Studies of Sediment Thickness Around the Hawaiian Ridge
Loren W. Kroenke, 335-338

A Gravity Survey of the Island of Hawaii
W. T. Kinoshita, 339-340

A Gravity Survey of the Island of Maui, Hawaii
W. T. Kinoshita and R. T. Okamura, 341-342

A Reconnaissance Gravity Survey of the Island of Molokai, Hawaii
James G. Moore and Harold L. Krivoy, 343-345

A Preliminary Gravity Survey of the Island of Lanai, Hawaii
Harold L. Krivoy and Michael P. Lane, 346-348

A Gravity Survey of the Island of Kahoolawe, Hawaii
Augustine S. Furumoto, 349

A Gravity Survey of the Island of Oahu, Hawaii
William E. Strange, L. F. Machesky, and George P. Woollard, 350-353

A Reconnaissance Gravity Survey of the Island of Kauai, Hawaii
Harold L. Krivoy, Melville Baker, Jr., and Eugene E. Moe, 354-358

A Gravity Survey of the Island of Niihau, Hawaii
Harold L. Krivoy, 359-360

Gravity Investigations on the Leeward Islands of the Hawaiian Ridge and Johnston Island
Loren W. Kroenke and George P. Woollard, 361-366

Gravity Relations in American Samoa and the Society Islands
L. F. Machesky, 367-373

Gravity and Magnetic Fields Over the Proposed Moho Hole Site North of Maui
John C. Rose and John C. Belshe, 374-380

An Analysis of the Gravity Field Over the Hawaiian Islands in Terms of Crustal Structure
William E. Strange, George P. Woollard, and John C. Rose, 381-389

The Paleomagnetic Significance of Aeromagnetic Surveys of the Hawaiian Islands
Alexander Malahoff and William E. Strange, 390-392

Magnetic Studies of Rocks and Sediments Obtained by Deep Drilling
John C. Belshe, 393-396

Pacific Science 19, no. 4

The Bathypelagic Mysid Gnathophausia (Crustacea) and Its Distribution in the Eastern Pacific Ocean
Linda Haithcock Pequegnat, 399-421

Pogonophora from the Eastern Tropical Pacific, including Two New Species of Siboglinum
Edward B. Cutler, 422-426

New Records and Observations on the Flapjack Devilfish, Opisthoteuthis californiana Berry
Walter T. Pereyra, 427-441

New Pacific Records of Juvenile Albacore Thunnus alalunga (Bonnaterre) from Stomach Contents
Howard O. Yoshida, 442-450

Sexual Dimorphism in the Labrid Fish Pseudolabrus celidotus (Bloch and Schneider) 1801
J. H. Choat, 451-457

New Digenetic Trematodes from Hawaiian Fishes, I
Satyu Yamaguti, 458-481

Contribution to the Marine Chlorophyta of Hawaii, II. Additional Records
William J. Gilbert, 482-492

Chromosome Numbers in Some Pacific Pteridophyta
G. Broumlie, 493-497

Pioneer Plants Found One Year After the 1963 Eruption of Agung in Bali
Anwari Dilmy, 498-501

Structure and Growth of Mite-induced Galls of Hoheria sexstylosa Col.
B. C. Arnold, 502-506

The Ternifolia Group of Macadamia Species
W. B. Storey, 507-514

On Populations in Antarctic Meltwater Pools
Charles W. Thomas, 515-521

Nomenclatural Notes on Hawaiian Myrsinaceae
Robert L. Wilbur, 522

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 20. New Species from India and Thailand
Harold St. John, 523-538

Pacific Science 19, Index


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