Pacific Science 21 (1967)

Pacific Science 21, no. 1

Late Cenozoic Ostracodes from the Drowned Terraces in the Hawaiian Islands
John C. Holden, 1-50

Trapezia and Tetralia (Decapoda, Bracbyura, Xanthidae) as Obligate Ectoparasites of Pocilloporid and Acroporid Corals
Jens W. Knudsen, 51-57

The Larval Development of the Sand Crab Emerita rathbunae Schmitt (Decapoda, Hippidae)
Margaret D. Knight, 58-76

Chromatophore Responses in Relation to the Photoperiod and Background Color in the Hawaiian Ghost Crab, Ocypode ceratophthalma (Pallas)
Georgiandra Little, 77-84

Overt Responses of Polychoerus carmelensis (Turbellaria: Acoela ) to Abrupt Changes in Ambient Water Temperature
Robert G. Schwab, 85-90

The Osteology of the Congrid Eel Gorgasia punctata and the Relationships of the Heterocongrinae
Richard H. Rosenblatt, 91-97

The Flora of Romonum Island, Truk Lagoon, Caroline Islands
Benjamin C. Stone, 98-114

A Hitherto Unrecorded Midge Gall of Myrsine australis (A. Rich.) Allan
B. C. Arnold, 115-118

An Unusual Example of Pseudoseisms Resulting from Military Exercises
Harold L. Krivoy, Charles G. Johnson, and Robert Y. Koyanagi, 119-128

Gravity and Geological Studies of an Ultramafic Mass in New Zealand
Alexander Malahoff, 129-149

NOTE: A Noninjurious Attack by a Small Shark
David P. Fellows and A. Earl Murchison, 150-151

Pacific Science 21, no. 2

Deep Cores of Oahu, Hawaii and Their Bearing on the Geologic History of the Central Pacific Basin
Harold T. Stearns and Theodore K. Chamberlain, 153-165

The Larval Development of the Crab, Cyclograpsus cinereus Dana, under Laboratory Conditions
John D. Costlow, Jr., and Elda Fagetti, 166-177

A Comparison of Euphausiid Shrimp Collections Made with a Micronekton Net and a One-Meter Plankton Net
Charles W.Jerde, 178-181

A New Genus and Two New Species in the Families Volutidae and Turbinellidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from the Western Pacific
Harald A. Rehder, 182-187

Pogonophora from the Northeastern Pacific: First Records from the Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexico
Oluwafeyisola S. Adegoke, 188-192

Studies in the Calcium and Phosphorus Metabolism of the Crab, Podophthalmus vigil (Fabricius)
Bryant T. Sather, 193-209

On Some Gastrocotyline (Monogenoidean) Parasites of Indian Clupeoid Fishes, Including Three New Genera
R. Viswanathan Unnithan, 210-229

The Growth of Arachnoides placenta (L.) (Echinoidea)
Judith Hines and Ron Kenny, 230-235

A New Siphonophora, Vogtia kuruae n. sp.
Angeles Alvariño, 236-240

The Systematics of the Prickly Sculpin, Cottus asper Richardson, a Polytypic Species. Part I. Synonymy, Nomenclatural History, and Distribution
Richard J. Krejsa, 241-251

Chromosomes of Some Opistbobranchiate Mollusks from Eniwetok Atoll, Western Pacific
J. B. Burch and R. Natarajan, 252-259

Observations on the Biology of the Lousefish, Phtheirichthys lineatus (Menzies)
Donald W . Strasburg, 260-265

The Planktonic Shrimp, Lucifer chacei sp. nov., (Sergestidae: Luciferinae), the Pacific Twin of the Atlantic Lucifer faxoni
Thomas E. Bowman, 266-271

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 21. The Pandanus monticola Group in Queensland, Australia
Harold St. John, 272-282

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 22. A New Species (Section Hombronia) from New Caledonia
Harold St. John, 282-285

Soil-Vegetation Relationships in Hawaiian Kipukas
D. Mueller-Dombois and C. H. Lamoureux, 286-299

Pacific Science 21, no. 3

A Study of the Source Mechanism of the Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami of March 27, 1964. Part I. Water Waves
George Pararas-Carayannls, 301-310

A Study of the Source Mechanism of the Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami of March 27, 1964. Part II. Analysis of Rayleigh Wave
Augustine S. Furumoto, 311-316

Fungus Populations in Marine Waters and Coastal Sands of the Hawaiian, Line, and Phoenix Islands
Carol Wright Steele, 317-331

Distribution and Movements of Birds in the Bering and Chukchi Seas
L. G. Swartz, 332-347

Branchial Muscles in Representatives of Five Eel Families
Gareth J. Nelson, 348-363

Acoustical Behavior of the Menpachi, Myripristis berndti, in Hawaii
Michael Salmon, 364-381

The Ecology of Pelagic Amphipoda, I. Species Accounts, Vertical Zonation and Migration of Amphipoda from the Waters off Southern California
Gary J. Brusca, 382-393

The Benthic and Pelagic Habitats of the Red Crab, Pleuroncodes planipes
Carl M. Boyd, 394-403

Some Inorganic Constituents of the Muscles and Blood of the Oceanic Skipjack, Katsuwonus pelamis
Bryant T. Sather and Terence A. Rogers, 404-413

The Systematics of the Prickly Sculpin, Cottus asper Richardson, a Polytypic Species. Part II. Studies on the Life History, with Especial Reference to Migration
Richard J. Krejsa, 414-422

Herpetofauna of the Hawaiian Islands
Don Hunsaker II and Paul Breese, 423-428

NOTE: Note on the Distribution of Euphausia eximia and E. gibboides in the Equatorial Pacific
Claude Roger, 429-430

NOTE: Monobrachium parasitum, a One-Tentacled Hydroid, Collected at Vancouver Island
Richard D. Campbell, 431

Pacific Science 21, no. 4

On the Surface Swarming of Euphausiid Crustaceans
Yuzo Komaki, 433-448

The Ecology of Pelagic Amphipoda, II. Observations on the Reproductive Cycles of Several Pelagic Amphipods from the Waters off Southern California
Gary J. Brusca, 449-456

The Zoeal Stages and Glaucothoe of the Tropical Eastern Pacific Hermit Crab Trizopagurus magnificus (Bouvier, 1898) (Decapoda; Diogenidae), Reared
in the Laboratory

Anthony J. Provenzano, Jr., 457-473

Bathymetric Distribution of Chaetognatha, Siphonophorae, Medusae, and Ctenophorae off San Diego, California
Angeles Alvariño, 474-485

Ecological Significance of a Drifting Object to Pelagic Fishes
Reginald M. Gooding and John J. Magnuson, 486-497

A Possible Relation between the Occurrence of a Dendritic Organ and the Distribution of the Plotosidae (Cypriniformes)
W. J. R. Lanzing, 498-502

The Family Olividae
John Q. Burch and Rose L. Burch, 503-522

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 23. Three Australian Species of Pandanus
Harold St. John, 523-530

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 24. Seychellea, a New Section from the Seychelles Islands
Harold St. John, 531-532

Revision of the genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 25. Pandanus tectorius var. sinensis Warburg
Harold St. John, 533

Reversal of Ethionine Inhibition by Methionine during Slime Mold Development
Hans R. HoM and Susan T. Hamamoto, 534-538

Comparative Decay Resistance of Twenty-five Fijian Timber Species in Accelerated Laboratory Tests
Lynette D. Osborne, 539-549

NOTE: Notes on the Hawaiian Flora
Benjamin C. Stone, 550-557

NOTE: Notes on the Ecology of the Pogonophoran Genus Galathealinum Kirkegaard, 1956
Oluwafeyisola S. Adegoke, 558-561

NOTE: Notes on the Systematic Status of the Eels Neenchelys and Myroconger
Gareth J. Nelson, 562-563

NOTE: Record of a Lancelet from Hawaii
L. G. Eldredge, 564

News Note

Pacific Science 21, Index



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