Pacific Science 33 (1979)

Pacific Science 33, no. 1

Humpback Whales in Hawaiian Waters: A Study in Historical Ecology
Louis M. Herman, 1-15

A New Species of Garden Eel (Congridae: Heterocongrinae) of the Genus Gorgasia from Hawaii
John E. Randall and James R. Chess, 17-

Some Small Collections of Alpheid Shrimp from the Indian Ocean, Including Two New Species of the Genus Synalpheus
Albert H. Banner and Dora M. Banner, 25-35

The Systematics of the Aeolidacea (Nudibranchia: Mollusca) of the Hawaiian Islands, with Descriptions of Two New Species
Terrence M. Gosliner, 37-77

The Vegetation of Hawaii as Seen on Captain Cook’s Voyage
Harold St. John, 79-83

Vicia menziesii Sprengel (Fabaceae) Rediscovered: Its Taxonomic Relationships
J. Stuart Lassetter and Charles R. Gunn, 85-101

Manganiferous Soil Concretions from Hawaii
G. P. Glasby, P. C. Rankin, and M. A. Meylan, 103-115

Abstracts of Papers. Third Annual Albert L. Tester Memorial Symposium, 13-14 April 1978

Pacific Science 33, no. 2

Effect of Sewage Enrichment on the Phytoplankton Population of a Subtropical Estuary
Edward A. Laws and Donald G. Redalje, 129-144

Diatom Distribution and Mercury Levels in Two Hawaiian Intertidal Marine Beaches
Eleanor M. Saboski, 145-148

A New Species and New Section of the Genus Freycinetia (Pandanaceae) from New Caledonia
Benjamin C. Stone, 149-251

Phenolic Chemotaxonomy of the Genus Pelea A. Gray (Rutaceae)
Mary E. Floyd, 153-160

Some Aspects of Reproduction of Mokihana (Pelea anisata Mann) in the Forests of Kōke‘e
Mary E. Floyd, 161-164

Novelties in the Genus Pelea (Rutaceae). Hawaiian Plant Studies 50
Harold St. John, 165-171

Rhizophora in the Society Islands
F. J. Taylor, 173-176

Some Aspects of the Biology and Functional Morphology of Trapezium (Neotrapezium) sublaevigatum (Lamarck) (Bivalvia: Arcticacea)
Brian Morton, 177-194

Cyclopoid Copepods (Lichomolgidae) Associated with the Scleractinian Cyphastrea in New Caledonia
Arthur G. Humes, 195-206

The Rainbow Skink, Lampropholis delicata, in Hawaii
James K. Baker, 207-212

Mineralogy of Deep-Sea Sediments along the Murray Fracture Zone
Pow-Foong Fan, 213-221

Pacific Science 33, no. 3

The Reproductive Biology of Cyrtandra grandiflora (Gesneriaceae) on Oahu
Faith M. Roelofs, 223-231

Two New Species in the Hawaiian Endemic Genus Dubautia (Compositae)
Gerald D. Carr, 233-237

Stand Analysis of an Invading Firetree (Myrica faya Aiton) Population, Hawaii
Garrett A. Smathers and Donald E. Gardner, 239-255

Studies of Leptospirosis in Natural Host Populations I. Small Mammals of Waipio Valley, Island of Hawaii
P. Quentin Tomich 257-279

A Comparison of Aspects of the Biology of Paranemertes peregrina (Nemertea) from Bodega Harbor, California, and Washington State
Pamela Roe, 281-287

The Biology of Hastula inconstans (Hinds, 1844) and a Discussion of Life History Similarities among other Hastulas of Similar Proboscis Type
Bruce A. Miller, 289-306

A Biological Determination of the Taxonomic Status of Conus elisae Kiener in Hawaii
Frank E. Perron, 307-309

A New Stenopodidean Shrimp (Decapoda, Natantia) from the Chatham Rise, New Zealand
Keiji Baba, 311-314

Penaeid Prawns in Fanga’uta Lagoon, Tongatapu
Richard D. Braley, 315-321

Pacific Science 33, no. 4: Botanical Studies by Harold St. John

The Botany of Kauai Island, Hawaii, as Seen on Captain Cook’s Voyage, 1778

The Botany of Niihau Island, Hawaii, as Seen on Captain Cook’s Voyage, 1778-1779

The Native Species of Senecio (Compositae) III Hawaii. Hawaiian Plant Studies 53

Monograph of the Hawaiian Species of Achyranthes (Amaranthaceae). Hawaiian Plant Studies 56

New Species of Cyrtandra (Gesneriaceae) from Kauai. Hawaiian Plant Studies 74

Classification of Acacia Koa and Relatives (Leguminosae). Hawaiian Plant Studies 93

The Native Hawaiian Species of Morinda (Rubiaceae). Hawaiian Plant Studies 94

A Variety of Colubrina oppositifolia Brongn. ex Mann (Rhamnaceae). Hawaiian Plant Studies 95

Cyrtandra (Gesneriaceae) from Kauai and Maui. Hawaiian Plant Studies 96

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman. Part 42. Pandanus tectorius Parkins. ex Z and Pandanus odoratissimus L.f.

Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman. Part 43. Pandanus in Tahiti

Harold St. John—Career Synopsis and Bibliography

Pacific Science 33, Index



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